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The Lucky 13: Thirteen Life Lessons We Learned From “GHOSTBUSTERS”

August 31, 2014

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In honor of celebrating the 30th anniversary re-release of the greatest sci-fi/horror/comedy of all time (and my ultimate favorite movie ever), I look back at the 13 life lessons the beloved Ivan Reitman film has taught us.

These are the 13 Life Lessons Ghostbusters taught us…

13. Let small-minded people make themselves look foolish – We’ve dealt with bullies, we’ve faced ignorant assholes, and sometimes all we want to do is slug them right in the jaw. However, in the long run we should learn to take the high road and let these foolish fools perform their own self-destruction. In the end, their downfall caused by their own faults is ten time more gratifying that a punch to the face.

12. DON’T bring Thorazine on your first date – Seriously why the fuck did Peter bring Thorazine on his first date with Dana? To this day it’s one of the biggest mysteries of the film. Case in point, don’t bring drugs on your first date!

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11. Love comes from unexpected places – Egon and Janine’s relationship is sweet and somewhat nuanced throughout the film, and it’s a given proof that the people we may care the most for are standing right in front of us the whole time, and if we don’t truly act on those feelings we may lose them to a wimpy accountant/lawyer in the films sequel.

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10. Picking up girls like a boss – Anytime Peter Venkman is speaking to someone of the opposite sex you should be taking notes.

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9. Rules are mean’t to be broken – Bending or breaking the rules of the status quo may in fact be a benefit. Case in point: Crossing the streams–Save the world!

8. How to properly curse – Kids like to curse because they think they’re being cool, but to know how to properly curse for the right conversations…you can learn a lot from the Ghostbusters. My favorite curse line is from Winston, “Since I’ve join these men I have seen shit that’ll turn you white!”

7. Say ‘NO’ to junk food – I’d like to think that the subtle twinkie theory is a message that processed sugary foods are severely bad for you. If not that, then the giant marshmallow entity might be a bigger sign.

Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 1.03.21 PM

6. Being intelligent is awesome – The smart guy ends up being the hero, the smart get the girl, the smart guy works hard, the smart guy is awkward, the smart guy is unique, the smart guy is awesome, plain and simple.

5. Taking risks will pay-off – A load of capitol was required to get the Ghostbusting business jumpstarted, Ray took a leap of faith, put his house on the market, and opens a third mortgage! If you’re willing to take that amount of risks for a new up-and-coming business, and it ends up as a success? That is the most gratifying feeling anyone could ever have.

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4. Love your job – These guys love what they do, they’re making killer money, they’re facing something no normal Average working American is facing, and they’re essentially nerdy superheroes (more or less). Find a career path that best fits you, take on the world, be a success in the field you need to be in.

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3. Optimism is crucial – When you’re down on your luck, when you lost your current job, and the thought of failure begins to show on the horizon, the best thing you can do is stay optimistic, because you never know what could happen next.

2. Be imaginative – Think big, dream big, the rest is all up to you.

1. Face your fears – The greatest thing “Ghostbusters” ever taught me was to no longer be afraid of things that go bump in the night. If three college teachers and a working class every-man can face the forces of evil with a smug smile on their face, then I can face the eerie sounds and shadows in my 6-year-old selfs bedroom.

“Ghostbusters” is now in theaters for a limited run and the Anniversary Blurays for both films will be made available Sept. 16th.

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