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August 3, 2014

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 9.20.59 AMHow does a movie with so much build up, so much craziness going, so much…whatever the fuck is going, all of sudden with just…well, nothing really. Ok, I don’t actually mean ‘nothing’, something did happen, it’s just something a lot of us weren’t really anticipating or perhaps ready to grasp. Is this what it felt like for people when they saw “The Fifth Element” in theaters for the first time?

Whether you love him or hate him, French filmmaker, Luc Besson, has brought audience members a lot of bizarre and sometimes unconventional female driven actioneers, and sometimes for the better (“The Fifth Element”), here Besson does a lot of his usual tricks, Lucy herself seems to be a mixture of past Besson characters; Leeloo (“The Fifth Element”) & Mathilda (“Leon: The Professional”).

An American tourist, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), visiting China, is caught up in a nightmarish deal where she is captured and turned into a drug mule for a new and powerful synthetic drug. When the bag she is carrying inside of her stomach leaks, Lucy’s body undergoes unimaginable changes that unlocks her mind’s full potential 100%. With her new-found powers, Lucy turns into a merciless killing machine intent on getting back at her captors, and retrieving the remaining bags of drugs before they can spread.

Scarlett Jo is good here, I’m not kidding, she is GOOD. We’re entering a renaissance of female butt-kickers, and I’m certain Scarlett is paving the wave for that. It’s only a matter of time we’ll see that solo “Black Widow” film. Just look at what Marvel is doing with “Agent Carter”.

Honestly I was throughly enjoying this movie up until it’s final moments, the sporadic editing, the animal-allegories of Lucy’s dilemma, the visual style, it was all truly epic in a pulpy sorta way. However, it is truly amazing how much of a dramatic turn a movie can have on a person when it all goes fuck up at the end.

Seriously, what the flying fuck was with that ending, I was expecting 100% to go down that way, I mean…an organic SUPER COMPUTER? She turns into a flash-drive for a knowledge in the universe?  I can see what Besson was probably trying to convey, but the end result just doesn’t come off all right. There’s a part of me that feels Besson either half-assed the ending by throwing a dart at an idea board, seeing what could be one of the many fashions that could happen to a person when their brain reaches 100%.

What I did take away from this movie is that dolphins have unlocked 20% of their brains capacity. How about that?


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