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The Lucky 13: Best Anti-Establishment Films

June 28, 2014

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I haven’t done a Lucky 13 list in about four months, and decided to turn to my FB pals if they had any suggestions for a new list. Summer isn’t over yet, so you’ll have to hold off on my Lucky 13 Best of the Summer List.

This list however comes from an old childhood friend of mine, Katherine Geisel, Best Films that have to do with Anti-Establishment. The ones who say, “FUCK YOU!” to the man and all things to do with order.

Lets begin…

13. “Falling Down” – Directed by Joel Schumacher, one of his last ‘good’ movies, stars Michael Douglas in perhaps his scariest role ever, about a divorcé/unemployed former defense engineer as he goes on a violent rampage across the city of Los Angeles, trying to reach the house of his estranged ex-wife in time for his daughter’s birthday party. It shows that even the simplest of people can snap and will no longer take the guff of modern society. This film may not be for everyone, especially in todays heavy gun-debate world, however, Douglas’ performance makes the movie.

12. “Withnail & I” – Two unemployed actors, Withnail & “I” (Marwood), live in a Camden Town flat in 1969, wait around for their careers to take off decide to take a holiday from doing nothing. They obtain the key to the country cottage in the Lake District belonging to Withnail’s flamboyantly gay uncle Monty. The holiday is less recuperative than they expected. It’s the ultimate lazy mans think piece, and brilliantly directed/written by Bruce Robinson, student of Hunter S. Thompson.

11. “Natural Born Killers” – Oliver Stone’s film takes severe advantage of the media using two hooligan killers with fucked up pasts as a weapon of mass destruction to the news and every media mogul out there. Scribed by Quentin Tarantino, and features colorful performances from Woody Harrelson to Juliette Lewis to Robert Downey, Jr to Tommy Lee Jones.

10. “God Bless America” – Much in a similar fashion as to “Falling Down”“God Bless America” tells the story of man who has nothing left to live for except for sharing his feelings on this harsh society. Now with the news of a brain tumor ticking and tocking his last breath away, Frank decides to kill everything and everyone that’s fucking up this once ‘Great Country’. Bobcat Goldthwait writes and directs this twisted tale.

9. “The Hudsucker Proxy” – Hate corporations? Hate it when the big wigs take down the little man, or abolish big ideas? Then the Coen brothers “Hudsucker Proxy” is for you. Watch how a seemingly lower level nobody is suddenly transformed into a corporate yuppie within literally a day. The final result, while whimsy, does sum up corporate greed in a fantastical fashion.

8. V for Vendetta” – What’s more anti-establishment than a man obsessed with Guy Fox ideology, and destine to blow up Parliament?

7. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – Playing hooky from school, evading & pranking your school principal is perhaps the ultimate anti-establishment ploy any young person can ever do in their life. Who knows, for all we know Ferris may end up to be the Tyler Durden of his adult life. Although one can make crazy comparisons between “Ferris” “Fight Club”.

6. “A Clockwork Orange” – Alex, that infamous charismatic, sociopathic delinquent whose interests include classical music, rape, and all thing ultra-violent is forced by the higher ups of law and order to become a good boy, by using the methods of brainwashing. Oh joy.

5. “Brazil” – Sam lives in a consumer-driven dystopian world in which there is an over-reliance on poorly maintained machines. Sam is trying to find a woman who appears in his dreams while he is working in a mind-numbing job and living a life in a small apartment. A movie for anyone who dares to dream outside the status quo of society. Marked as one writer/director Terry Gilliam’s best films.

4. “Cool Hand Luke” – Paul Newman stars as Lucas “Luke” Jackson, a decorated war veteran, whose arrested for cutting the “heads” off parking meters one drunken night. He is sentenced to two years in prison and sent to a Florida chain gang prison run by a sadistic warden, the Captain (Strother Martin). Luke refuses to conform to the harsh leadership of the Captain soon enough many of the prisoners begin to follow in Luke’s example.

3. “Taxi Driver” – Ordinary men are the ones we should fear the most. In this post-Vietnam world, Travis Bickle is a man on the brink of losing all forms of reality, as he plans to assassinate a key political figure for the good of country. It’s not until he befriends young hooker who has different outlooks on life. The ultimate Scorsese/De Niro team-up film, in my opinion that is.

2. “THX-1138” – THIS MOVIE is George Lucas’ finest achievement as a cinematic artist. In a grim dystopian future, the act of sex and physical touching is outlawed. THX (a man) and LUH (woman) fight for their lives to escape their oppressed society where cameras are everywhere, watching your every move.

1. “Fight Club” – In my honest opinion, this is the ultimate anti-establishment movie, while many of the other films I’ve listed are great, none come close to the swiftness and ultimate cool factor to what it means to rise up and give a middle finger to society. David Fincher and Chuck Palahniuk were made for one another.

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