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“22 Jump Street” – Early Review (POSITIVE)

June 11, 2014

Jonah Hill, left, and Channing Tatum in Columbia Pictures' "22 Jump Street."

After seeing “22 Jump Street”, it’s quite apparent that Phil Lord and Chris Miller are no flukes. With success after success under their belts, they’ve become the rising stars in the comedy world. So high, that they were in contention to direct the development hell sequel “Ghostbusters III”, how sweet would that have been? I can only dream now sadly.

After coming off a very lucky break in the Metro City Jump Street ‘reboot’, the MCPD is now investing a shit ton of money for our heroes, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) & Jenko (Channing Tatum), to continue on with the Jump Street program. The duo have been officially sent to college to investigate a new kind of drug called WyPhy (pronounced like Wi-fi), which has the user seriously focused for 4 hours straight, and cap it off by tripping major balls.

As the Captain (Ice Cube) has always said, ‘Infiltrate the dealer, find the supplier!’ Schmidt and Jenko get a taste of the college life, and both succumb to the wonders and beauty it poses, so much so that the realization that the two of them not needing one another has become quite apparent. The fear of separation may just very well be their down fall, both in friendship and professionally.

Co-writer & story developer, Jonah Hill has stated that the purpose of making “21 Jump Street” was to lampoon the unoriginal ideas Hollywood continues to throw at us and with the success of “21” we can now move on to spoofing sequels. Hill and co. NAIL it with “22”! The self-aware/meta humor this movie has encompassed is perhaps one of the best conceived satire films since the old days of Mel Brooks.

22-jump-street-movie-photo-7-550x366It’s interesting to watch this movie with a full house, while most of the laughs came from the out of nowhere slapstick humor, me and a select few were laughing like idiots at the meta humor or the quick nod to Benny Hill or other out of left field humorous elements. I love that kind of shit, when comedy is smart, it works on a farther level, I just wish some people could just open their mind a bit.

The movies story was a tad too predictable this time around, involving the investigation, but it makes up for other surprising pieces that some will jump out of their seats in hilarious shock. And be sure to stick around for the end credits, FILLED with cameos galore and a perfection summary to the oversaturation of the sequel obsession in Hollywood.


Special thanks to Gabby Levesque for attending the screening and sharing her input.


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