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LIVE BLOG W/ Aaron: 86th Annual Oscars!!!!

March 2, 2014


8:28PM T-mins 2 mins till Oscar time! Who’s ready?

8:30PM – And here we go! Here comes Ellen, lookin’ snazzy E.

8:31PM – DEAR GOD…RAIN! How awful for Hollywood.

8:32PM – We get it, June Squibb is OLD.

8:34PM – HAHAHA! Lucille 2 is in the house!

8:35PM – Youth=Most Important. Really? I didn’t know that.

8:35PM – Ellen is actually doing pretty well so far. “Kids stay in school.” Don’t follow Amy Adams, she never went to college.

8:37PM – 18 times Meryl Streep has been nominated, JESUS CHRIST ON A CROSS! God damn I love Jennifer Lawrence.

8:38PM – Jared Leto is the prettiest of the bunch. Sure. Why not. “Speaking of sex at the rodeo, Bruce Dern is here…” <=== Favorite quote of the night so far

8:39PM – Is Ellen talking about Jonah Hill’s dick?

8:40PM – The very lovely and white Anne Hathaway.

8:43PM – BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Jared Leto, “Dallas Buyers Club”

A deserving win, one of the best, and most powerful supporting performances in recent memory. Welcome back Jared!

8:44PM – Jared Leto has to thank the fam and of course the world. What an enduring human being. Very nice speech, very nice.

8:46PM – JIM CARREY looks very dapper.

8:47PM – Carrey does Bruce Dern…an impression I mean.

8:48PM – Animation=LSD

8:49PM – A look at animation. So many cartoons, so so so so many. Mostly Disney, but still.

8:50PM – Oooohhh Kerry Washington, ggrrr. Introducing the song “Happy”, from “Despicable Me 2”. Meh.

8:52PM – Ok, the crowd is having a fun time. The song isn’t all that great, but it is fun to see Amy Adams and Meryl Streep jam. Now the whole crowd is partying! WHAT!?!?

8:53PM – The Oscars now FINALLY a party! I’m quasi-happy.

8:57PM – Nick Fury! And Naomi Watts! Sam Jackson looks damn good!

8:59PM – BEST COSTUME DESIGN: “The Great Gatsby”

It’s whatever, the movie is flashy looking, so this doesn’t surprise me.

9:00PM – The Costume designer is married to the director???

9:01PM – BEST MAKE-UP: “Dallas Buyers Club”

That’s now TWO WINS “Dallas Buyers Club”.

9:02PM – INDIANA…is very old. Harrison Ford introduces “American Hustle”, “Dallas Buyers Club”“The Wolf of Wall Street”


9:06PM – Those college kids looks too damn nervous. OMFG THAT’S THE AVENGERS THEME PLAYING!!! Where’s Iron Man? Is Hulk there?!

9:10PM – Lotto tickets make the best winners substitute.

9:11PM – This animation ‘riff’ is a lil embarrassing. What the fuck is going on?


This was a delightful short film, if you can find it on iTunes, watch it. 


“The Wind Rises” should’ve won. Still think “Frozen” was overrated.

9:16PM – Stay in frame Ellen, cmon now. Oh look, it’s Aunt May!

9:17PM – Sally Field introduces the heroes of film, not superheroes.

9:18PM – Batman (Batfleck) is definitely a hero. And now they’re playing the theme score to “Thor”. A superhero theme about real life heroes. Irony much?

9:21PM – JGL & Hermione!!!! Introducing visual effects…


This was really no contest.

9:24PM – Zac Efron…wow. I just don’t give a shit about this dude quite frankly. Oh look, Karen O! “Moon Song” deserves this win.

9:25PM – Love that “moon song”, I hope Karen O wins it.

9:30PM – SHORT FILMS! There were some great ones…


YES! YES! That was my favorite one! So happy that won!

9:32PM – BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM: “The Lady in Number 6: How Music Saved My Life”

This was a nice short doc, though I liked “Cave Diggers” a tad more.

9:36PM – Ellen is gonna order pizza. Can I have some?

9:37PM – Did Cooper-scooper win the lotto?

9:38PM – BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: “20 Feet from Stardom”

I remember seeing this film at Sundance last year. It was all the buzz then, though I think “The Act of Killing” deserved this win.

9:39PM – Sing it Darlene! Sing it girl!

9:40PM – Oh snap, Underwood up stages Darlene Love.

9:42PM – Kevin Spacey did a brilliant Jack Lemmon impression.

9:44PM – Anyone else feel these Oscars are moving pretty smoothly? Perhaps too smooth. Hhmmmm…

9:48PM – The graceful Viola Davis…and Obi-Wan. They present best Foreign Language Film, or better known as the ‘NOT “Blue Is The Warmest Color” Award’


I’ve only seen “The Hunt”.

9:51PM – Madea is a MAN!?!? Why is Tyler Perry here? And why is he introducing “Nebraska”? Also introducing “Her”“Gravity”.

9:55PM – Alright, we’ve just ended up at a U2 concert.

9:56PM – I still think “Moon Song” is the better nominee. Hope Karen O wins.

9:57PM – Who is Bono eye fucking right now?

10:02PM – David O. Russell just photo bombed Ellen.

10:03PM – This photo op is very weird. But damnit i’ll retweet it!

10:05PM – “Which Michael and were privileged ‘not’ to host.” -Kristen Bell <=== another favorite quote of the night.

10:06PM – THOR!!!! And Charlize Theron. Presenting Sound nominees.

10:07PM – BEST SOUND MIXING: “Gravity”

TWO WINS “Gravity”

10:09PM – BEST SOUND EDITING: “Gravity”

THREE WINS “Gravity”

10:10PM – So, “Gravity” is now the leader (so far).

10:13PM – Christoph Waltz! YEAH!

10:14PM – BEST ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE – Lupita Nyong’o, “12 Years A Slave”

Good for her. Another year, for a first time winner. Always the best kind of win.

10:17PM – The supporting players are giving the best speeches tonight.

10:21PM – Wow, the pizza has arrived. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a real pizza delivery guy, guess his night has been made. Don’t forget Kerry Washington, she’s preggars.

10:23PM – I wish I was at that pizza party.

10:24PM – President of the Academy and yada yada yada yada.

10:25PM – BILL FUCKIN’ MURRAY!!!!! Oh and it’s Amy Adams. Nice Harold Ramis tribute Billy.


FOUR WINS “Gravity”

10:29PM – Editors! My category.

10:30PM – BEST FILM EDITING: “Gravity”

Looks like Alfonso Cauron won’t get the best director win, now winning for editing. FIVE WINS “Gravity”

10:32PM – Whoopi!!!!

10:33PM – A TRIBUTE to “The Wizard of OZ”. This is interesting. I know my aunt and my mom are loving this segment.

10:35PM – Pink sings OZ.

10:43PM – You’re too late Ellen, the OZ thing is done. Nice Galinda costume.


10:45PM – BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: “The Great Gatsby”

That’s now TWO WINS for “The Great Gatsby”. Two more than what I was expecting it to win.

10:46PM – CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! Popular fantastical heroes…

10:47PM – That Jor-El speech, goose bumps. THE GHOSTBUSTERS MADE IT IN THERE!

10:53PM – Ahh yes, the very handsome Glenn Close.

10:54PM – And now we say goodbye to those we lost. This should be an interesting one.

10:58PM – Bette Midler?!!?

11:01PM – Sarah Jones was paid tribute. Very good. Thank you Academy.

11:05PM – Ellen broke twitter! History!!!

11:06PM – Oh look, Goldie Hawn! What a lovely bubbly lady. Met her at Sundance.

11:08PM – “12 years a Slave” will win, I’m sure it will.

11:09PM – John Travolta, presents the perfromance ‘Let It Go’. Wait…what did he just say?

11:10PM – ‘Let it Go’ = The most annoying song ever.

11:12PM – The stars of the brilliant “Stealth” present music. Jamie Foxx is still very funny. I’d like to see him do stand up again.

11:13PM – BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: “Gravity”, Steven Price

SIX WINS “Gravity”

11:18PM – BEST ORIGINAL SONG: ‘Let it Go’, “Frozen”.

NO! NO! NO! No “Frozen 2”, please god no! TWO WINS “Frozen”

11:23PM – Kevin Spacey is so fuckin’ boss.

11:24PM – Penelope Cruz and Robert De Niro present screenplays. Another personal favorite category of mine.

11:25PM – BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: “12 Years A Slave”, John Ridley

This was essentially a no brainer win. Though, I wish “Before midnight” would’ve won. TWO WINS “12 Years A Slave”

11:27PM – BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: “Her”, Spike Jonze

YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:28PM – I’m on a Spike Jonze high. Third BEST win of the night!

11:32PM – Sydney Poitier, an American legend at his best. Such a humble man.

11:35PM – BEST DIRECTOR: Alfonso Cauron, “Gravity”

WOW! He’s going home with 2 Oscars tonight, one for editing and now directing! Congrats Alfonso! SEVEN WINS “Gravity”

11:37PM – “The wise-guys of Warner brothers…the wise ‘people’…” -Alfonso Cauron <=== Third favorite quote of the night

11:38PM – False alarm Ellen.

11:41PM – Daniel Day Lewis…that is all.

 11:44PM – BEST ACTRESS: Cate Blanchette, “Blue Jasmine”

This was no contest, Cate was the best of the bunch. She just was.

11:49PM – JLaw is in the house! What’s funny? Nothing, you’re just adorable. 😉

11:52PM – BEST ACTOR: Matthew McConaughey, “Dallas Buyers Club”

McConaughey is now an OSCAR WINNING ACTOR! THREE WINS “Dallas Buyers Club”

11:55PM – “My hero is always going to be 10 yrs away. I’m never going to be my own hero but it gives us something to chase…alright alright alright” -McConaughey <===BEST QUOTE OF THE NIGHT

11:58PM – BEST PICTURE: “12 Years A Slave”

Brad Pitt is taking home an Oscar tonight. THREE WINS “12 Years A Slave”

12:ooAM – Bed time. Have to work early tomorrow.

Aaron Shore, is a contributing blogger for the film sites of Hudak on Hollywood & Midnight Reviews.

You can follow Aaron on Twitter @DoubleAAProd

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