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“The Wolf of Wall Street” – Early Review (POSITIVE)

December 21, 2013

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 9.45.50 AMMartin Scorsese is 71 years of age, who knows how many solid films he has left in him. He’s had an incredible film career, directing some of the greatest dramas around, and bringing documentaries with untold riches of fascinating storytelling. To put it simply, I love a good Scorsese film, and his latest entry, may be his best one yet.

Wall Street is a dangerous place, it changes you, corrupts you, and engulfs your soul. Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) was known as the Wolf of Wall Street by Forbes, he was cunning and ruthless when it came to the trades. But, more importantly, Jordan was a reckless maniac; ingesting just about every single drug there was on this planet and he loved to fuck any woman with a heartbeat.

Money & fucking were the other drugs in his life that was the making and ending of his career on wall street. To put it in perspective, Jordan crashed his personal helicopter while high on cocaine, he took Quaaludes as if they were M&M’s, the man was a modern day Caligula, and this film chronicles the highs (and highs) of this reckless lunatics escapades in the late 80s through the highlights of the 90s.

Not one, not a single one of Scorsese’s movies can come in comparison with what he’s mastered in this film, it’s definitely his craziest film to date. A 71-year-old director manages to capture the super-kinetic energy of Jordan Belfort’s life in the pacing/tempo this movie evokes, is nothing short of a miracle. No, it’s down right impressive.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m short changing Marty, far from it, he is brilliant at what he does, and god bless him for that. But, this, this was special. This is one of those rare cinematic hits that will be known as a generational hit, matching up to movies like “Network”“Wall Street”“Schindler’s List”, and “The Social Network”.

DiCaprio is in his element here, this is an iconic role he’s created, and would be a crying shame if he doesn’t come out of it as a major winner. Though to be fair he’s got some major talent to head up against this award season, not sure if the Academy will reward one of the top prize to an actor playing a sexed crazed, drug induced maniac, the past few years, the colorful characters never seem to find their just rewards in the best Actor department, only really in the Supporting category.

There is a scene in this movie, a 10 minute scene that will go down in history as one of the most iconically bizarre forms of physical comedy, and how Leo managed to contort his body in the way that he did, it’s beyond amazing.

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 9.46.02 AMThe one thing I feel many will be divisive about in the coming weeks, is that the film is 3 hours long, making it Scorsese’s longest film to date, with “Casino” coming in second place, by being only a minute shorter. Personally, I found it to be the fastest 3 hours, the pacing is so fast paced, and the comedy is all over the place, it does the job needed to distract viewers from the suggestive runtime. Sure, it slows down here and there, but manages to pick itself up when the time calls for it.

This is seriously a funny film, a comedy that’s self-referential, and disparaging to a fault, Leo’s Jordan is so infectiously dynamic, the way he talks to the viewers through his internal monologue, and the breaking of the fourth wall barrier, gives off a Shakespearean scent to the madness. This is the best movie of 2013, no question.


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