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Frightful October Horror Movie Picks – DAY 30

October 30, 2013

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If there’s one classic ghost-story that I could watch on repeat, it would be the Steven Spielberg written-produced feature, “Poltergeist”. Directed by “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” helmer, Tobe Hooper, “Poltergeist” follows a family whose been having an unfortunate disturbance in their new home; GHOSTS! The specters have gone to great lengths to bully them into a corner, and subsequently steal the youngest daughter away.

A classic in it’s own right, with a modern marvel of special effects, a story that’s truly endearing and powerful, and a great cast of actors all around. Hooper manages to find a common ground with Spielberg’s heartfelt sensibilities but at the same time, finds a way to take us to the brink of the extreme. One of my all time favorite horror films makes it’s way as my Day 30 pick.

Directed by: Tobe Hooper

Screenplay by: Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais, & Mark Victor; Story by: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, JoBeth Williams, Beatrice Straight, Dominique Dunne, Oliver Robins, Zelda Rubinstein, and Heather O’Rourke

“Poltergeist” is available on iTunes.

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