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Frightful October Horror Movie Picks – DAY 28

October 28, 2013

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 10.40.15 PM


James Gunn is the fucking MAN! Plain and simple. He’s earned cult status over the years, and is graviously bringing us next summers highly anticipated Marvel blockbuster, “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Coming from a Troma background, Gunn does his roots proud with a deliberatly cheesy sci-fi/horror film about an alien invasion taking over a small town, which rings back to movies like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “Dawn of the Dead”, and “Night of the Creeps”. With a strong cast (Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Fillion) and enjoyably goopy special effects, make this a raucous good time.

Written & Directed by: James Gunn

Starring: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Gregg Henry, Tania Saulnier, and Michael Rooker

“Slither” is now streaming on Netflix Instant.

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