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Frightful October Horror Movie Picks – DAY 17

October 17, 2013

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 7.54.04 PM

“Shadow of the Vampire”

Couple of weeks ago I posted the Werner Herzog remake of “Nosferatu” as one of my horror film picks for Halloween and here we are again on the Nosferatu spectrum, this time focusing on a movie about making the original F. W. Murnau silent film. Only major fictional accounts are used in the telling of this dark, grimly funny tale. Apparently, Murnau made a deal with a real vampire, who goes under the pseydynum of Max Schreck, to play the infamous Count Orlock, in return, he gets German actress Greta Schroeder as his delicious prize.

The movie shows us what great lengths a passionate filmmaker will go to bring his vision to light, even if it means making deals with the undead. William Dafoe plays creepy extremely well, that’s a given, but here he’s high on the batshit crazy scale. He can come off menacing and scary, but funny in the sense that he plays Orlock completely clueless when it comes to the art of filmmaking. It’s not so much scary as it’s grim with dark comedy sprinkled all around, and for fans of the silent film, this will certainly grab your attention.

Directed by: E. Elias Merhige

Written by: Steven Katz

Starring: John Malkovich, William Dafoe, Eddie Izzard, Udo Kier, Catherine McCormack, and Cary Elwes

“Shadow of the Vampire” is available on iTunes.

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