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Frightful October Horror Movie Picks – DAY 9

October 9, 2013

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We’ve got another Stephen King adaptation here, which came out roughly the same time as “The Mist”. Here we return to one of Kings favorite obsessions… haunted hotels! John Cusack plays a King-like author, who ventures to various haunted locations and performs a sort of spook check up for his books. He wasn’t always a horror writer, Cusack’s Mike was a novelist who wrote important, emotionally connective stories, until his daughter.

Once Mike checks into the Dolphin Hotel’s rm. 1408, weird things begin to occur, and the point where utter madness begins to take over will either make or break poor Mike. What I wasn’t expecting from this movie was the fact that it’s really not a haunted house story, per-say, really the room itself is an entity that feeds off the darkest crevasses of the human mind, and subsequently projects them. An interesting ploy, and one that I feel adds brilliant depth and character development for the character of Mike. Again, it has one of those great wtf endings, leaving you with more questions than answers, but for all the right reasons, and not to come off as a cop out.

Directed by: Mikael Håfström

Written by: Matt Greenberg, Scott Alexander, & Larry Karaszewski

Starring: John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack, Tony Shalhoub, Len Cariou, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., and Jasmine Jessica Anthony

“1408” is now available on iTunes.

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