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The Lucky 13: My Favorite “Breaking Bad” Moments [MAJOR SPOILERS]

September 29, 2013

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 7.00.02 PMSo, tonight is officially it. The FINAL episode of the cult drama series, “Breaking Bad”. ThatMoviesWeLoveSite is proud to be doing a special Lucky 13 list in honor of this incredible dramatic/darkly comedic AMC original series. “Breaking Bad” isn’t like your typical tv show, hell, it’s not even like any cable show of its kind. “Breaking Bad” is truly the most cinematic piece of pop culture television to ever hit the airways. It’s camera work, the character development, the dynamite cast behind, not mention it’s two beloved leading men, Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul.

Creator, Vince Gilligan has been able to craft something that I don’t think many networks, whether it be primetime, premium, or cable could ever do; taking an audiences on an odyssey of mild manner human being blossoming into a Scarface-type figure. Mark my words, there will be college elective classes on the subject of “Breaking Bad” and it’s tragic hero Walter White. And now comes the moment I’ve been pondering over for the last week now, my top 13 favorite moments from the show, lets begin…

13. Bitch! – It’s become a running meme at this point, people love it when Pinkman uses the word ‘bitch’ in just about every angry statement. My favorite of the bunch would be this:

Season 1, Episode 4, “Cancer Man”

12. Badger’s “Star Trek” – Jesse is at a moment in his life where…well he basically just doesn’t give a shit about life anymore. Mikes gone, Walt’s done with the biz, and he’s got all this money and has no one to share it with. Badger and Skinny Pete come over and chill with their boy Jess, in the middle of their male bonding hang out session, Badger brilliant concocts the most epic plot of a fan fiction episode for the original “Star Trek” TV series.

Season 5, Episode 9, “Blood Money”

11. Huell McDuck – Another Season 5B moment for me, Huell’s hilarious moment where he just to do it. Who wouldn’t want to lie on a pile of 80 MILLION DOLLARS?! “Mexico’s all I’m saying man”.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 6.21.13 PM

Season 5, Episode 10, “Buried”.

10. “You Got Me” – Post-Gale killing world, Hank and Walt share a friendly, bonding moment, going over the Gale murder evidence, and there lies a special note being sent out to Gale’s friend ‘somewhere’ out there named W.W. Willy Wonka? Walter White? That moment, that precise moment I felt like screaming at Hank, “You got him! He’s right there!” How can anyone be so close and yet so far from the truth. It’s mind boggling. Just simply one of the craziest, mind-bending moments of the series.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 7.16.45 PM

Season 4, Episode 4, “Bullet Points”

9. ATM skank – This may be my favorite Jesse episode. Jess is in a bind getting money back from redneck crackheads. While he’s in their home, he befriends the child who lives there, trying to make his life a little better than it already is, he’s playing big brother at the moment. After being captured by the parental duo, Jess witness a moment that proves how far people will go to get a taste of just about anything. The low life of a druggie is not the life you want to lead, and perhaps this was a wake up call for Pinkman, more or less.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 7.30.27 PM

Season 2, Episode 6, “Peekaboo”

8. Bathtub Carnage – If only Jesse just listened to Mr. White, they wouldn’t have this kind of mess on their hands.

Admit it, when you first saw this 5 years ago, your jaw dropped to the floor. Can they show this on TV?

Season 1, Episode 3, “…And the Bag’s in the River”

7. “Fly” (The Whole Damn Episode!) – “Fly” remains my favorite episode of the entire series. Few may say it’s a slow paced episode where nothing happens, but what I was able to take away from it was this. Everything that was going on, all the stress, all the bullshit, the investigations, tip-toeing around the feds all comes to a complete stop for one hour of an episode about killing a pesky fly. It’s an episode about madness and how far it can take you. One simply bug can turn a person upside down mentally, and take them on a self discovery journey, to a place they dare not wish to go, is brilliant to me. Not only that, but it’s directed by “Brick” “Looper” filmmaker Rian Johnson who pretty much has a knack for directing complicated personal human stories. With all the fantastic camera work this show has offered, “Fly” has the most unique camera stylings a director & DP have collaborated on.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 7.14.56 PM

Season 3, Episode 10, “Fly”

6. Lily of the Valley – Walt will do just about anything to stay alive. He manages to get Jesse to side with him one more time, to finally take down Gus for good. Jesse was convinced that Walt poisoned Brock with the ricin, until Walt convinces him that it’s a tactic by Gus, Gus wants Jesse to kill Walt. After all the mayhem and final carnage, it was later learned that the poison that nearly killed Brock was a flower called Lily of the Valley. Nothing major…until the camera slowly moves to Walt’s backyard, and on the patio table is a flower pot, reading: Lily of the Valley. This is a true defining moment for Walt and the viewers, showing us truly how far this man is willing to go.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 6.58.43 PM

Season 4, Episode 13, “Two Face”

5. Hank vs. Walt – This is one of those moments you knew would come, but the question of when bugged the hell out of so many fans. When will Hank and Walt finally discuss the elephant in the room? And damn! Was this an intense moment for the series, quite possibly the scariest moment from both ends of the spectrum. On the one hand, Hank just straight up says it how it is with a cold cock to the head, admit, Walt deserves it. But of course, Walt being who he is, finds a way to mellow the moment with a subtle threat, these words “Tread lightly”, simply brilliant. At that percised moment Hank is convinced he lost his brother-in law.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 6.54.54 PM

Season 5, Episode 9, “Blood Money”

4. The Therapist’s Story – Drug addiction, alcohol, whatever of these vice that can destroy a persons life, has major consequences, and that’s what Season 3 was all about, consequences. Jesse has been checked into rehab, and not making much of it at first, he asks the group therapist’s reason for being here, with a bunch of addicts. His story, his reason, is truly one of the most heartbreaking stories a person could ever hear. An extremely cautionary tale that foreshadows coming events for Jesse.

Season 3, Episode 1, “No Más”

3. RIP Hank – I never took much consideration from the get go that Hank would die, it just never really dawned on me. But on episode 13 of season 5, when Uncle Jack’s crew shows up on the scene, it hit me. This was it. Episode 14 began the following week and the first 5 mins was the last 5 mins we’d ever spend with Hank Schrader. Not only that, but it was a moment of desperation and personally redemption on Walt’s part, begging for his brother-in laws life, offering 80 million dollars to spare him. Seriously, what a powerhouse moment, one I truly believe is the hardest moment for any fan member to watch.

Season 5, Episode 14, “Ozymandias”

2. Gus is Two-Face – Walt conducts a plan to finally take out Gus; suicide bombing by Hector Salamanca. As soon as the explosion happens, we the viewers immeditely jumped to our feet with enthusiasm. That bastard Gus is gone forev–suddenly he walks out of the room, we sit back down, disappointed, asking ourselves, “Is this dude the freakin’ T-1000!?!” Until finally we see the other side of the coin.

Sweet justice.

Season 4, Episode 13, “Face Off”

1. “Say my name…” – You may think it was the moment where Walt said he won at the end of Season 4 where he truly accepted his Heisenberg identity, and one could argue that may be the case, but I think the truest moment where Walt becomes his alter ego is that moment from the beginning half of Season 5, there is only ONE Heisenberg, and it’s Walter White.

Season 5, Episode 7, “Say My Name”

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