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“You’re Next” – Review (POSITIVE)

August 27, 2013

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 1.16.49 PMThis year has been pretty darn good with horror films, I’m actually quite surprised how many good ones have come out; “Evil Dead” (reboot), “The ABC’s of Death”“V/H/S 2”“The Conjuring”, and now “You’re Next”“You’re Next” isn’t your typical home invasion movie, far from it, it’s one of those movies that knows exactly what it’s doing, it’s self-aware, and hits pretty much all the right notes for the audience benefit.

The Davison’s are celebrating a wedding anniversary as a special family getaway, when suddenly come under attack by a gang of animal masked, ax-wielding murderers. The Davison family reunion is in major trouble, the hapless victims seem trapped…until an unlikely guest of the family proves to be the most talented killer of all.

“You’re Next”, suffered a similar fate as another favorite horror film of mine did, “The Cabin in the Woods”, it was locked up in the can for a couple of years. Yes, the movie was completed way back in 2011 and for some typical movie business reasons it was held back. There is an issue the movie has that may not attract a lot of ticket buyers; it’s a home invasion film for one, those haven’t always been the best genres to grab a mass audience attention, secondly you’ve got a complete cast of unknowns, there’s not one name in this production. You need at least one name to garner an audience, the only thing this movie has it going for is word of mouth, and so far the word is good.

I myself wasn’t expecting this movie to be so good, I remember seeing the trailer when I saw “Evil Dead” earlier this year and to me it didn’t look like anything special. Then I began reading early reviews and reception from audience members at early screenings. There may be something here for me, I thought. Low and behold we get a movie that takes this kind of genre and pulls a 180. Not only that, but the movie is quite funny, darkly funny, like pitch black dark. I think that’s what will make or break the levity of the film. The movie in a nutshell, if I had to describe it best, it’s like a thriller version of “Home Alone”, crafty traps, brutal kills, and good old fashion fun.

The movie is fairly great up until the final act when it takes a few predictable turns, ending somewhat as you would expect it to. No spoilers here folks, just go and see it for yourself. It may not be the scariest horror film of the year, but it surly is the smartest, even if it takes a few familiar necessities. And fret not, this isn’t the final horror movie that’s taken over 2 years to come out, we’ve still got “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” to look forward to, that film has reached a 7 year delay!


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