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The Lucky 13: My Favorite 2013 Summer Movie Picks

August 27, 2013

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Let’s get it out there, while I really did like “Man of Steel”, it did NOT make my list for reasons that you could read in my review. The ending was a mess and I hate HATE David S. Goyer’s dialogue, though it features great visuals and solid performances, it was the end all summer movie of the summer I was hoping for. Hopefully “Batman vs. Superman” will mend few of the wrongs. So, without further ado here is my entire Lucky 13 list to my FAVORITE movies of the summer of 2013…

13. “Kick-Ass 2” – “Kick-Ass 2″ was the nice kick to the ass this summer movie season needed. For the most part, this summer season has been kind of dull, with the exception of a couple of films. What we needed is the mindless, bat-shit crazy, violent, anti-hero, comedy, action pic fans of the 2010 original have been craving for.

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 7.45.22 PM

12. “Iron Man 3” – Santa came early this year, even if hardcore fanboys thought the Mandarin was a lump of coal in their stalking, still loved the hell out of it. Featuring strong supporting performances, tight visuals, interesting story ideas, new methods for the MCU, and of course ROBERT DOWNEY JR! Phase 2 began quite well. Excited for “Thor: The Dark World”.

11. “Mud” – I  loved this movie, such a shame I missed it while working Sundance this year. I can’t imagine the Academy not recognizing Tye Sheridan & Matthew McConaughey. “Mud” is bolstered by a strong performance from it’s lead, it offers an engaging Southern drama that manages to stay sweet and heartwarming without being sappy and/or campy.

Film still from Mud featuring Matthew McConaughey

10. “Elysium” – The movie delivers on all levels, and gives the audience I think a satisfying conclusion that doesn’t need to leave it open for a sequel, nor does it cop out at the last second to give us the typical, awe everything’s gonna be ok for that person. See it for Shartlo Copley’s scary supporting performance!

9. “This Is The End” – The surprise comedy hit of the summer, its certainly a movie that could’ve absolutely disappointed, but it some how finds a way to pull a fast one on what the audiences expected.

1170481 - The End Of The World

8. “Blue Jasmine” – Cate Blanchett gives a remarkable performance as the title character, a side of her I never thought I’d ever see before. “Blue Jasmine” is certainly without question one Woody Allen’s best films. Humorously tragic in all the right ways.

7. Star Trek Into Darkness – FUCK YOU Trekkie’s! This film was NOT the worst film in the entire series, for me I thought it was the best. It’s pure Trek in a lot of ways, it honors the franchise, it doesn’t take the time to bullshit with mindless exposition and bone-headed moves by it’s villain or heroes. It takes something familiar and reformats it into something new all over again.

6. “The Spectacular Now” – The filmmakers have casted the right leads (Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley), and have a script that is so genuine that we can have a film that’s smart, sensitive, and avoids typical coming-of-age plotline. Easily one of the best movies of the summer.

5. “Fruitvale Station” – I haven’t severely teared up after watching a movie like “Fruitvale Station” in quite a long time. But man oh man does the movie leave a punch in the gut like you wouldn’t believe. Powerhouse acting from the films lead ‘hero’, a story that fuels hope, and an ending that leaves us with questions about our society of today, a good movie should always leave us asking questions about the world we live in.

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 7.47.06 PM

4. “Much Ado About Nothing” – I never, in all my dreams, would have expected Joss Whedon to direct an indie Shakespeare film. “Buffy”“Dollhouse”, hell even “Avengers” fans didn’t see this coming. But, he did it and it was one of the BEST Shakespeare adaptations I’ve ever seen. A dynamic cast makes or breaks these movies, thank goodness we’ve got the entire Whedonverse on our side.

3. “The King’s of Summer” – I’ve never laughed so hard in the past few years, until I saw director Jordan Vogt-Roberts feature debut film, “Toy’s House”. FUNNY with a capitol F best describes this coming of age tale. Watch out for young Moises Arias character Biaggio, one of the best comedic scene stealing performances in ages.


2. “Pacific Rim” – A terrific modern creature feature, it’s bolstered by fantastical imagery and an irresistible sense of fun and humor, with just enough room to give you some surprises for people who’re familiar with the genre. Plus we get Ron Perlman and Charlie Day, that in itself is perfection in a nutshell.

1. “The World’s End” – Edgar, Simon, and Nick take the win this year in what I feel is the best movie of the summer. Smart, witty, visually satisfying in many ways that are not in a visual effects heavy blockbuster, and lots of drinking! The Cornetto trilogy ends with a bang (literally) and even though it may come off that doing another end of the world comedy for the summer is beating around the bush, trust me when I tell you, Edgar, Simon, Nick, & company will steer no wrong.

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  1. Ricky permalink
    August 27, 2013 8:18 pm

    WHO was right on the number one pick this guy right here. I called it. Great choice

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