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“The World’s End” – Review (POSITIVE)

August 26, 2013

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 8.21.31 PMThe famous Cornetto Trilogy began in 2004 with the beloved zombie rom-com “Shaun of the Dead”, followed by the 2006 high-octane action comedy, parodying all things Michael Bay, and “Point Break”“Hot Fuzz”. We have now reached the ‘end’, 2013’s “The World’s End”.

Cornetto creators Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright do the fans justice with this latest entry. Although it’s not as rip-roaring ‘HI-larious’ as the previous two films, “The World’s End” gives us more heart and endurance that ties off everything we’ve loved about this trilogy to a T.

20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hell bent on trying the drinking marathon again. They are convinced to stage an encore by mate Gary King (Simon Pegg), a 40-year old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens, who drags his reluctant pals (Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, and Eddie Marsan) to their home town and once again attempts to reach the fabled pub, The World’s End. As they attempt to reconcile the past and present, they realize the real struggle is for the future, not just theirs but humankind’s. Reaching The World’s End is the least of their worries as they come face to face with…ROBOTS FROM SPACE!

Zombies, Michael Bay-style action movies, and now Robots. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are fans of genre bending and in this movie it’s no different than the previous films. There’s a mixture of a lot of things going on here, body snatcher baddies, a film based on a quest that could fit King Arthurs tab, and naturally an end of the world parody, which for some reason has become a popular topic in this post-2012 world. However, what Wright achieves in these movies is blending the nuance with the absurd. The ending may be the only thing that could split audiences, but most of the feed back I got from my peers, they applaud the ending, it’s in true Cornetto fashion.

This film is without question the most mature in the Cornetto saga, and for that reason I believe this makes it the best one in the canon. This is a movie about friends, best friends, and how age has split them apart through the years. Gary (Pegg) & Andy (Frost) are the two main heroes who begin as friendless saps. This drunken journey reignites something, anger. The remembrance of what tore them apart, but at the same time the same reason why they were such good pals to begin with, and it’s on Andy…he cares too much. Gary is so dead-set on his own self-destruction as an adult just so he can relive his teen years, it creates a hole in his friendship with Andy.

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 8.21.38 PMYou believe that these guys have been friends all their lives, which goes hand in hand with the casts acting ability. Everyone involved is in tip top form, and it only gets better the drunker they get. I know that seems almost like a turn off, but when you see what I’m talking about you won’t feel so reluctant. There are a few Cornetto surprises here and there for the die hard fans, a few recurring gags, favorite lines, and another James Bond surprise. In “Hot Fuzz” Edgar Wright acquired Bond #4 Timothy Dalton to play a sleezebag of a bad guy, here we get Bond #5, Pierce Brosnan, what a delightful cameo that turned out to be.

I’ve seen the movie three times in the same weekend, it’s pretty much my favorite movie of the summer. When you go for three viewings, three days in a row, that a true testament of a die hard fan. Such a shame it didn’t do too well at the box office (curse you “Butler”), but I think with a little word of mouth, the movie will get its rounds. It’s a madcap and heartfelt movie, Edgar Wright’s sci-fi comedy benefits from the typically hilarious Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, it’s a plethora of supporting players, and sharp as the devils tale of a script by Pegg & Wright.


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