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“The Bling Ring” – Review (SO-SO POSITIVE)

July 7, 2013

Screen shot 2013-07-07 at 10.04.15 AMSofia Coppola. Let’s be real here, she’s a mix bag of filmmaking qualities, her filmography is a hit or miss, more misses than hits in my personal opinion. Her best film still is “The Virgin Suicides”, and yes “Lost in Translation” is solid, I cannot hate on my boy Bill Murray, even if the movie is a tad overrated. But, all in all Sofia doesn’t really do it for me, sometimes I feel like she gives female directors a bad name. Personally, my favorite female (indie) director is Miranda July, watch “Me and You and Everyone We Know” & “The Future”; brilliant pieces of film, ones I think Miss Coppola could take notes from.

But, with all that said, whenever a Sofia Coppola movie is set to come out, I’m somehow drawn into seeing it, because my curiosity peeks. I wonder sometimes whenever a new film of hers comes out, ‘will this be the ‘hit’ I’ve been yearning for, coming from Miss. Coppola?’ “The Bling Ring” has (or had) potential to be one of those generational defining movies about youth and the exploitation of youth and how it’s abused. But, then I saw “Spring Breakers” before “The Bling Ring” was released, “Spring Breakers” does a better job in telling a story about the youth of today who just don’t give a damn about modern society for good reasons, when “The Bling Ring” simply says, in a nutshell, ‘these kids are spoiled brats and they’ll always be spoiled brats’.

Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers, Rebecca – the ringleader (Katie Chang), Marc -the follower/best-friend (Israel Broussard), Nicki – the brat (Emma Watson), Sam – the brat’s little sister (Taissa Farmiga) and Chloe – attention whore (Claire Julien), are known as the Bling Ring. Using the Internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes, they break into these luscious homes and sickly take advantage of the freedoms of being young and hip while committing dozens of crimes in the making. Victims of the $3 million dollar in total robberies included Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson, Audrina Patridge, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, and Lindsay Lohan.

To the films credit, I liked that it explored what celebrity in todays world means to young people. Kids idolize these super rich, sometimes whorish personalities, because if your rich and look attractive, people will want to be with you every second. This constant need of wanting and needing can be sickening to look at. However, I don’t think Coppola went to her fullest when exploring these themes. What would’ve been interesting to see if these kids sort of became the personas of the people they’re stealing from, in their world; home, school, leisurely, etc. Blend reality and celebrity fantasies would’ve been the ideal approach to tell this story, I think at least.

The movie is shot quite well, if there’s one major thing Coppola does extremely well with her movies (good/bad), they look brilliant. Cinematographers Harris Savides & Christopher Blauvelt give a distinct feel, a plastic gloss look, which helps evoke the characters personalities as these fame junkies. Soundtrack is on par with the personality of the film, that’s another attribute Coppola is good at. But, in the end it all comes down to writing, her writing style is weak and it’s an area I think she needs major improvement in. We’ve seen it time and time again in her past works, “Somewhere” explores celebrityism from the perspective of the celebrity and it too had major potential to get good ideas across, but in the end it took generic underdeveloped approaches.

“The Bling Ring” is not her worst film ever, but again it continues to prove that Sofia Coppola doesn’t have it in her to go all the way beneath the surface of character and story development. It’s an interesting watch, especially seeing “Harry Potter” famed actress Emma Watson in one of her most outside of the box performances ever.


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