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The Lucky 13: Favorite Films For Father’s Day

June 16, 2013

On Mother’s Day I did a Lucky 13 list, so it’s only fitting that I do a list for all the dads out there. This is my countdown to my favorite Father’s Day related films…

13. “Silver Linings Playbook” – This Oscar winning romantic comedy is a fantastic character piece, and some of my favorite aspects about the movie are the scenes between Bradley Cooper’s Pat and his father played by Robert DeNiro. Both of which give Oscar nominated performance, both of these dynamic characters severely butt heads while at the same time, share heartwarming moments. Only a movie about a family of sports nut jobs could do this write.

12. “Big Fish” – Has your dad ever told you tall tales about his youth? His war time days? His first job to support a new family? How he met mom? How he defeated a witch? This is a magical movie, and one of my favorites by the hit-or-miss director that is Tim Burton. Albert Finny and Ewan McGregor share the same role as the father of this story, both give the character such incredible nuance and realistic depth.


11. “Mr. Mom” – Before he was Batman, he was Mr. Mom! Michael Keaton, plays a stay at home dad, who recently loses his job, and gains all the stresses and mental breakdowns that his wife had to go through when she stayed at home, while he brought home the bacon. It’s not the best comedy in the world, but it’s an amusing premise, and Keaton really does prove here that he’s a talented comedic actor. But, lets not forget…HE’S BATMAN!

10. “The Godfather” – If this movie taught us anything, it’s that dad knows best, and you better fuckin’ listen.

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 4.20.04 PM

9. “Kramer vs. Kramer” – Robert Benton’s powerhouse drama about a married couple’s divorce and its impact on everyone involved, including the couple’s young son. The divorce subject about kids choosing their parents is a difficult one to tell, and the movie gives us legitimate arguments why each parent could be the one for the kid, but our lead, Mr. Kramer (Dustin Hoffman), is  the Rocky underdog you end up rooting for because of his honest disposition.

8. “”Mrs. Doubtfire – Another divorce film, which has the father take a very unorthodox approach; dress in drag and fool your family that your a real woman who’s here to clean house, and not come off as a Monty Python sketch character. Robin Williams, you brilliant SOB, thanks for one of your most iconic performances of all time.


7. “Field of Dreams” – This doesn’t become a father/son tale till the final five minutes of the film, but the build up to this revelation makes it all the more powerful. Not only is it one of the best spiritual sports films out there, but it’s probably the best baseball movie ever made.

6. “National Lampoon’s Vacation” – Don’t you just love a good old fashion road trip vacation with your family? Just make sure dad doesn’t crack under pressure.

5. “The Place Beyond the Pines” – This recent crime epic by director Derek Cianfrance tells a generational story about father’s and son’s and how the actions we make will affect us and our kids in the future. Read my full review here.

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 4.14.37 PM

4. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back – The mack  of all dads! The biggest and greatest twist in cinematic history, the daddy of all plot twists! Just ask yourself this, what if your dad, who you thought was killed by a pure evil man, turns out to be alive, and is in fact that evil man? My reaction wouldn’t be so jovial either.

3. “Finding Nemo” – Pixar is all about the heart in it’s characters, this grand journey about a father stopping at nothing to find his lost child, reigns supreme as one of the best animated produce films of this generation. Every year I find myself watching this movie and every time I watch it this emotional blanket is cast over me and it’s such a bittersweet feeling.

2. “There Will Be Blood” – Worst Father Ever.

1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Father Of The Year.

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