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“The Hangover Part III – Early Review (SO-SO POSITIVE)

May 21, 2013

The-Hangover-Part-3“The Hangover” was a comedy triumph, Zach Galifianakis won the hearts of millions, and apparently Bradley Cooper doesn’t always play an asshole bad guy like in “Wedding Crashers”. Two Years Later, the same team brings us a Part II of the gang, problem is that film was a basic carbon copy of the original, only spiced with a dash of Thai. Now, we’ve come down to the final stretch, as the “The Hangover” saga (a saga no one really asked for) comes to a close in “Part III”.

Two years after the Bangkok incident, the wolfpack (Cooper, Helms, & Bartha) has muddled down, all except Alan (Galifianakis), who’s been off his meds for months. In the aftermath of the death of Alan’s father (Jeffrey Tambor), the gang decide to take Alan to get treated for his mental issues. But, things start to go wrong on the way to the hospital as the wolfpack is assaulted by a very angry crime lord named Marshall (John Goodman). Marshall is pissed, the wolfpack has infected Marshall’s life with a virus known simply as…Chow (Ken Jeong). Chow has stolen a lot of money from Marshall and he believes that the boys who met him the night of the first bachelor party in Vegas have the best chance of finding him. Doug is kidnapped and is being held as collateral until Marshall gets his money and Chow. And so the journey for Chow begins, as the boys race against the clock to find him and the money.

By the plot I’ve given you, it’s quite apparent that this movie is 110% different in almost every way than the last two movies. Which can be a double edged sword in a lot of ways. On the one hand, it’s nice for things to be changed up, throwing the Wolfpack in a scarier scenario than the previous two does up the ante narratively. The plot was decent, it’s basically a road trip heist film now, which doesn’t bother me. Problem, there isn’t any real DANGEROUS HUMOR the previous films had. With all the issues “Part II” had, at least it was ballsy in it’s comedy choices. Here, it almost feels a bit generic, with the exception of a few cruel animal jokes that will surly piss PETA off this Memorial Day weekend.

The movie however, belongs to Galifianakis this time around, this film is his show, and rightfully so. He’s the one who really does deserve a perfect closing character arc and how things end for Alan are pretty nice. John Goodman makes a great bad guy, I’m just gonna put that on the table, so if there’s one major reason I’d recommend this movie, see it for Goodman’s role in the film. It’s nothing really new, but is interactions with the gang is amusing to a “T”. Ken Jeong’s Mr. Chow borderlines brilliance and annoying, dangerously may I add. He’s a character that you know you should hate, but at the same time, you can’t help but continue watching his madness unfold.

While the movie itself isn’t a masterpiece comedy, it’s a fun, entertaining romp that will please fans of the first film and for those who liked “Part II” a lot. It’s different, but it’s far from bold, but I feel like it’ll be one of those guilty pleasures you’ll find yourself watching on a rainy day. ALSO, in a world of post-credit or in this case mid-credit secret endings, stay for this films secret ending, it’s a fantastic homage to the first film in just about every way you could’ve hoped for.


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