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October 28, 2012

It’s October and you know what that means…HALLOWEEN! TRICK ‘R’ TREATING! AND SCARY MOVIES! I love this month, the heat starts to break, fall arrives, everything is pumpkin flavored, endless Halloween parites, and of course watching scary movies. I LOVE scary movies, and watching them during the month of October is always gratifying.

There’s a vast variety of ‘scary movies’; comedy-horror, slashers, science-fiction, thriller, monsters, satire, supernatural, found footage, the list goes on. The next four weeks I’ll be discussing my horror movie picks of the day, why I chose it, and I why I get a kick out of watching it.

We’re coming up to the homestretch, Halloween is days away! Let us continue with WEEK 4, MUUUUAHAHAAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!

Oct 22nd

“Dog Soldiers” – I told you I’d be bringing up Neil Marshall (“The Descent”) again. “Dog Soldiers” is a B-movie story, but is presented in a gritty, realistic matter. A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness, when a military squadron is being hunted down by a pack of werewolves. Tense camera work, quasi-“Evil Dead” esq, and some fantastic werewolf visual efx, makes this another fantastic werewolf movie watch.

Oct 23rd

“The Dead Zone” – This week I’ll discuss some Cronenberg maddness, starting off with the psychological thriller “The Dead Zone”. Starring Christopher Walken, playing a man who’s been gifted with the power to see into the future of any person he touches, but he’s darken with a gift that has him see a future riddled with life and death. The movie combines nails it fromt he get with it’s taut direction from director David Cronenberg and and a performance from Christopher Walken that is so rich in pathos, it’s hard not to say that this movie is by far one of the best Stephen King adaptation. Oh yah, in case you forgot, this was based on a Stephen King book.

Oct 24th

“The Fly” – Cronenberg weeks continues, with “The Fly”. A remake of the 1958 Vincent Price starrer, only this time, the transformation of the fly is treated as a disease or a virus. Fitting, since the time this film came out in America, AIDS was a big headline. The sexual power Seth yearns for in the film, along with the sickly transformation he endures all have a common parallel to AIDS in America. An interesting subtle message Cronenberg devises, if you ask me. Jeff Goldblum’s ticking performances is also enough for any person, I think, to watch this fantastic freaky movie.

Oct 25th

“Videodrome” – Cronenberg shines again this week, in this twisted cult classic, starring James Woods. The film follows the CEO of a small cable station who stumbles upon a broadcast signal featuring extreme violence and torture. The layers of deception and mind-control conspiracy unfold as he uncovers the signal’s source and loses touch with reality in a series of increasingly bizarre and violently organic hallucinations.Vagina stomach, anybody? Anybody? 

Oct 26th

“Cannibal Holocaust”  Now THIS is dangerous filmmaking at it’s finest. Directed by Ruggero Deodat, “Cannibal Holocaust” was filmed in the Amazon Rainforest with REAL indigenous tribes interacting with both the American and Italian actors of the film. It tells the story of a missing documentary crew who had gone to the Amazon to film cannibal tribes. A rescue mission, led by the NYU anthropologist Dr. Harold Monroe,recovers the film crew’s lost film. An American television station wants to broadcast everything that was shot. Upon viewing the reels, Dr. Monroe is appalled by the team’s questionable actions. Fun fact, all the dead animals in the film were tortured and filled by the actual crew, everyone was charged for animal cruelity. It’s a hard movie to find, but I found the whole thing on YouTube if any of you are brave enough to watch it.

Oct 27th

“Evil Dead 2″ – Easily goes on a list for being one of the top best movie sequels ever. The first “Evil Dead” accomplished what little horror films ever could do, genuinely creep you out and disgust you all at the same time. However, it’s sequel decided to try something a little different, by combining the similar tactics of the first film with a dash of Three Stooges-style slapstick humor. Blend that all together, along with Bruce Campbell’s memorable performance, and you’ve got a cult classic for the ages. GROOVY!

Oct 28th

“The Wolf-Man” – Nothing beats a classic Universal monster flick, and in my honest opinion, “The Wolf-Man” is the best one. The age old tale of man fighting the internal beast within was written by the legendary Curt Siodmak and directed by George Waggner. It stars a cast of horror legends, featuring Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, Ralph Bellamy, Béla Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskaya, and of course Lon Chaney, Jr. as Larry Talbot aka. The Wolf Man.





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