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“Alex Cross” – Early Review (NEGATIVE)

October 16, 2012

James Paterson’s Alex Cross is a pretty bland character. He’s supposed to be the modern day answer to Sherlock Holmes, when that’s not the case at all. Look, I’ll give Paterson’s character some adapted credit where credit is due; Morgan Freeman did the role justice, other than that, the stories were not interesting enough, all were too implausible, and some were moronic. “Alex Cross”, the prequel/quasi-origin story if you will falls under the category of moronic.

The title of the film is the focus of our lead protagonist; Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is a detective for the Detroit P.D. and a practicing psychologist. When a bizarre nutcase (Matthew Fox) is going around taking out key players of major company conspiracy-type ploy, Det. Cross and his pals get in the way of the maniac, which leads him down a path of joyful retaliation; his biggest target, a loving family member of Alex Cross. This sends Cross down a dark & vicious path of pure vengeance, but is vengeance the right path towards justice?

There’s no beating around the bush this movie was laughable BAD! Lets start with Tyler Perry, I’ll give him credit for making an attempt to exit his comfort zone by doing such an ‘intense’ role, but I think he needs to stick to thick layers of latex and silly wigs; action hero is not Perry’s bread and butter. The cast is murky/bland at best; the only one who actually gives it his all is Matthew Fox as the psycho. His character was far more interesting and gratifying than the rest of the key players of the film. He had the right anger, twitches, psychopathic ticks that made him such an entertaining villain. I’d love to see a spin-off prequel about his character, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Rob Cohen directs this film, the same Rob Cohen who brought us such ‘classics’ as “xXx” & “The Fast & The Furious”.  Now those movies at least had some entertaining action value; the stunts were like a punch to the gut and left a great impact on its viewers. Yes, those movies weren’t very good, but they were entertaining enough. This felt lazy, rushed, and produced to look like it was made for a quick buck, and usually when a director takes a project just for the paycheck, it shows in his/her work. The story takes some of the dumbest choices, like the villain cluing in on the good guys next target…say what now?! And the continuing issue about the character of Cross continues here; his mode of detecting is so out of left field and just pure dumb luck, that there’s not any real challenge thrust onto him.

In the end, the movie leaves you sitting there rolling your eyes, having you ask the screen, ‘Why did you just do that?’, ‘What were you thinking?’, ‘Really?’ It’s cluster, generic piece of wasted celluloid that in my opinion felt like filler for the month of October. Stick to your guns people and go see “Argo”, hell I’d recommend “Taken 2” over this, at least you know exactly what you want & get.


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