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October 7, 2012

It’s October and you know what that means…HALLOWEEN! TRICK ‘R’ TREATING! AND SCARY MOVIES! I love this month, the heat starts to break, fall arrives, everything is pumpkin flavored, endless Halloween parites, and of course watching scary movies. I LOVE scary movies, and watching them during the month of October is always gratifying.

There’s a vast variety of ‘scary movies’; comedy-horror, slashers, science-fiction, thriller, monsters, satire, supernatural, found footage, the list goes on. The next four weeks I’ll be discussing my horror movie picks of the day, why I chose it, and I why I get a kick out of watching it.

Lets begin…


OCT. 1st 

“Snakes on a Plane” – A random pick from my old DVD collection, I’m not necessarily proud that I own this movie, but I’m not embarrassed of it either. “Snakes on a Plane” is a jump out of your seat thriller, with some slimey/slithery creatures, cheesy gore, and Samuel L. Jackson speaking some of the best one liners of his career, what more could you ask?

OCT. 2nd

“Silver Bullet” – A very traditional werewolf tale, the film is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. There’s nothing new or special, the werewolf actually looks pretty dumb, almost like a bear costume. But there’s a certain 80s charm to it, perhaps it’s the presence of then 80s child star Corey Haim, or the fact that it’s about a kid going up against a monster, which was familiar territory for that era.

“Silver Bullet” available on instant Netflix.

OCT. 3rd

“Queen of Blood” – The year is 1990. An alien species makes contact with Earth through radio transmission, a rag tag group of astronauts make contact with the alien only to learn that this creature is a female green-skinned vampire from Mars. Released in 1966 “Queen of Blood” is an extremely cheesy sci-fi horror film, packed with a well-respected cast of thespians, including John Saxon (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”), Basil Rathbone (“Sherlock Holmes”), and Dennis Hopper (“Easy Rider”). It’s a silly watch with some creative production value.

“Queen of Blood” is available on Instant Netflix

OCT. 4th

“Dracula: Dead & Loving It” – Mel Brooks last directoral effort may not be his best, like the immortal classic “Young Frankenstein”, but it’s a favorably silly cult horror movie spoof, lampooning everything that is Bram Stroker’s Dracula. I especially love the movie for Leslie Neilsen doing his goofiest impression of Bela Lugosi’s version of the Count.

“Dracula: Dead & Loving It” is available on Instant Netflix

OCT. 5th

“Black Sabbath” – Three chilling tales of terror, hosted by the monster maven himself, Boris Karloff. Released in 1963 under an Italian production, “Black Sabbath” was one of the original horror anthology films around, and part of the very few who were able to get it right. Each story explores a specific kind of blood chilling horror; a ghost seeking here stolen ring, an obsessive ex-lover vying for vengeance, and a loving father who returns home a vampire, slowly turning each family member one by one. With clever use of sound, brilliant cinematography, and genuine creepiness, this movie is a top must see for the month of October.

“Black Sabbath” is available on Instant Netflix & Free Streaming on YouTube

OCT. 6th

“Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” – Much like this years “Cabin in the Woods”, “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” is send up to the classic cliche’s of typical slasher films, the catch is this time around, the roles are reversed in every single way you can think. The horny teens who run in fear, decide to take a stand, and in the end turn out to be the slasher killers. Hilarious performances by Tyler Labine & Alan Tudyk in the title roles, “Tucker & Dale” is one of those cult horror-comedies you just cannot pass up on.

Now available on Instant Netflix

OCT. 7th

“Saw” – Lets not be rash, give credit where credit was somewhat due, the first “Saw” film was a great thriller, the endless sequels tainted what was an actual good movie. “Saw” borrowed elements from “Se7en”, but still had the opportunity to take things to a whole new level. Based on his short film, James Wan directs a feature length adaptation about a killer who doesn’t necessarily pull the trigger of the kills himself, but finds ways to psychologically break his victims in doing so. The theme of how you should cherish life is a recurring theme in the series of pointless sequels, but it was certainly the first “Saw” that did it right.

So, do you agree or disagree with first week of picks? Leave me a comment on what you would’ve have picked. What’s your favorite movie to watch for October/Halloween? See you next week!




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