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“Looper” – Early Review (POSITIVE)

September 27, 2012

If only Hollywood would allow to make more original films, much like Rian Johnson’s “Looper”. In a world filled with remakes, reboots, and useless sequels, it’s the original material that gets neglected the most, the original pieces of work turn out to be superior film. Making this his third directing feature, Rian Johnson has crafted a science fiction film so rare and so intriguing it pretty much matches up to the early sci-fi likes of Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” & James Cameron’s original “Terminator”.

The year is 2044, set in a desolate metropolis in Kansas, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a special kind of assassin that kills people from the future, sent back in time 30 years ahead of him. In 2074, time travel will have already been invented, but outlawed by the government; it’s only used secretly by major crime families who use it to send their targets from their time back to the past to be eliminated (in comes the Looper). Lately, there’s a been a deal called ‘closing the loop’, where the young loopers are forced to kill their future self unknowingly at first. Joe’s older self (Bruce Willis) makes his way back to 2044, to murder the younger version of a major crime boss from his time who’s ordering all these massive closed loops, but older Joe’s motives go far beyond than stopping the closed loop issue.

This is a straight up brilliant time travel film, Rian Johnson wasn’t kidding when he said that “Looper” would be the first time travel film where, forgive the pun, loop holes were no longer an issue. The movie finds a justified motive to bring everything to a complete 100% close. While it being a fantastic time travel film, it’s also a terrific action epic, and probably one Bruce Willis’ top best in years. Willis proves it that he’s still got it; he can still be one hell of a bloody bad ass motha’ fucka’! But, being a bad ass isn’t everything, he pours so much heart and soul into the character of Old Joe, Old Joe’s dilemma is to make the extreme decision that I think could send any man off the deep end, and subsequently the audience is impacted in a major emotional way.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is continuing his winning streak of awesome movie roles, his dynamite performance as Young Joe takes the cake this year. This goes without saying, but DAMN he pulled off the young Bruce Willis look and feel tremendously. He had all the right speech patterns, little classic Bruce Willis facial ticks/movements; he found the way to embody the archetypal performance of playing a young Bruce Willis. Supporting female player, Emily Blunt, does a fine job and isn’t underused at all here; she’s a key importance to the film that keeps the wheels spinning.

Visually, [Rian] Johnson has created a futuristic world that evokes a bit of that traditional “Blade Runner” cityscape, but maintains to hold back on the homage aspect, and not going completely overboard with it, he still finds a way to ground this world in realism. People get killed, a lot of people get killed, and that time comes where mixed emotions begin to toy with you and that’s when you know…that a true filmmaker has affected the audience in the way he intended to.

“Looper” may very well be my #1 favorite movie of the year, if I had to make it any clearer, it’s my 2012 “Drive”. Bravo to Rian, JGL, and Bruce for giving us such a memorable movie, but not only that, giving us a movie that leaves us thinking and questioning it for all the right reasons.


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  1. October 8, 2012 11:07 am

    I really liked this movie! Definitely tops my list for the year so far. That said, I haven’t been able to see that many movies this year.

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