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Blast from the Past Movie Review – “Heckler” (2007)

June 24, 2012

Dylan Carver of Topeka, KS has been pushing me and pushing me to watch this movie on instant Netlfix. Late last night I finally caved in, after coming back from a long night film shoot. The movie “Heckler” focuses on people, higher than mighty people, people who are assholes, people who think they’re better than others, people who are…critics. Actually, I felt that one flaw this movie had was it’s title, it should’ve been called “Critic”.

The films focus is on Jamie Kennedy, an actor/comedian who’s been well hated by the film/TV community, personally I don’t see all the hate on him. He’s not funny all the time, but he does have slight moments of memorbility even in some of his worse films; except “Son of the Mask”. He’s the focus of the film, he’s slid into a depression and doesn’t know what to do. He’s been attacked by film critics and heckler’s alike. When it comes to heeckler’s at his stand up shows, it’s very easy to attack back, and take controll over the situation, most comics have that rare talent to spin the heckler’s heckle, unless you bash them over the head with a guitar. However, when it came to Kennedy’s films, he decided to reach out and talk to the actual film critics who bashed two of his more recent ‘notable’ films; “Malibu’s Most Wanted” “Son of the Mask”.

Certain times when Kennedy talks to these guys, it almost comes off as a desperate attempt for wanting to be loved. But, then are the few times when he comes across a critic, like Peter Grumbine of Giant, and you are absolutely disgusted by the existence of that particular critic. Kennedy was right, Grumbine is pure evil, that scene between the two of them is truly disturbing. As a ‘critic’ myself, reviewing for two websites, this movie tapped into the back of my mind having me re-evaluate my morals on what makes a movie good and what makes a movie bad. You can’t just hate on a movie because you hate the actor/actress as a person. It makes no sense. A lot of people despise Mel Gibson to some extent, for me I was never much of a fan of his before he went all Jew-Hater on everyone. Recently I did see, “The Beaver” and I felt the movie was some what of a cathardic piece of filmmaking. Then I’ll go a-wall and review something that just truly pisses me off and it border lines trolling.

I’m amazed by the interviews that were set up for such a small independent film like this; Jewel, George Lucas, Jon Lovitz, Pauly Shore, Nick Swarsdon, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, the list goes on. And it really is a growing concern about critics/hecklers. We as people who bombard other artists don’t really realize the fact that we are hurting people. Sure, these people are famous, and have tons of money, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re human beings with feelings. There are some depressing accounts discussed in this film with different comics and how they’ve dealt with criticism. Howie Mandel’s interview about how it affected him in the past in a negative way is quite heartbreaking. Then there’s the scum of the Earth Uwe Boll who’ll fight his critics and make them look like utter pussy’s to satisfy his feelings. P.S. that footage of Boll’s boxing match is priceless.

How does one grade a movie like this? Is there a moral obligation to grade “Heckler”? The movie features interviews with critics, it is indeed a film that they’re appearing in, which they will have to review. Funny enough I visited Rotten Tomatoes and only 5 critcs were brave enough to review this movie, and for the most part they weren’t that negative about it.


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