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“That’s My Boy” – Early Review (NEGATIVE)

May 31, 2012

Why Adam Sandler?! WHY!?!? You had it all, you were on top of the successful comedy mountain many years ago, but the older you got the more immature you became. “Jack & Jill” was the straw that broke the camels back for him and his fans, first time I ever walked out on an Adam Sandler movie. But, then something came up, Sandler & Samberg! Together for the first time! Not to mention having the duo be in an R rated raunchy comedy, but for the two SNL comic giants to play farther and son would supposedly be a match made in heaven.

Not quite.

What we get in this HEAVY induced raunch-fest are some pretty bad stereotypical jokes on race & mental retardation, semen jokes, underage sex (vehicle for the story), vomit jokes, Vanilla Ice jokes, and of course the classic use of incest (I’m not bullshitting you there). You would think that Adam Sandler being in a movie that’s directed by NOT-Dennis Dugan (of course he’s a producer) and written by NO-Sandler or his cronies would work out, but no, he manages to fuck it up and still put his signature shenanigans smothered all over the screen.

Might as well give you the low down. Donny Berger (Sandler) is a schmuck of a Bostonite; he’s rude, vile, and addicted to partying. After having underage sex with his extremely hot teacher (Eva Amurri Martino), Donny spawns a child at 13, properly calling him Han Solo Berger, why? Because it’s the coolest name ever (and it is). After Hanny left at 18 he swore never to see Donny again. 12 years later, Donny’s in trouble, being an 80s icon for banging your teacher brings you riches one could never imagine, of course not paying your taxes can do a number on a persons financial state. Donny owes $43,000 to the IRS or he’s going to prison for 3 years. So, what does any rational man do, seeks help from his son, now going by the name Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg). Donny invades Todd’s engagement weekend and the hijinks between father and son ensue.

I can almost see this movie working out to its favor. With the recent boom in the R rated raunch comedy genre taking its toll with success (Apatow films & both “Hangover” movies), it should come to no ones surprise that Sandler would jump on the bandwagon. Problem is, he cannot help himself with making dumb 80s rock/TV references, band gross out humor, and infusing such cheap emotional heart. There’s nothing at stake here, at least in “The Hangover, Part II” the stakes were high and you found yourself caring for the characters because they’re very realistic people. Sandler glorifies his character as an unbelievable 80s icon who achieved fame over banging a teacher at 13. It’s sad.

Samberg doesn’t let loose at all here, he’s just in this movie for the ride of being Adam Sandler’s sidekick. His recent SNL buddy Will Forte has a small role, and I feel such shame for the two of them having to be apart of such crap. The only redeeming factor of this movie was Vanilla Ice. If Vanilla is making a comeback, that’s great but I wish it wasn’t in this. That being said, Vanilla Ice is quite the scene stealer here. There are some other amusing cameos; James Caan as an Irish priest who can kick some ass, Susan Sarandon, and a very familiar “Different Stokes” cast member who’s still kicking….too soon? I guess I could say this is a sight improvement over “Jack & Jill” but that’s saying a HELL OF A LOT! Compared to that movie “That’s My Boy” is at the very least watchable.


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