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MONDAY STREAMING – Assemble…’cause…More than meets the eye!

May 14, 2012

Apologies go all around, I’ve been slacking it lately with the lack of articles/columns, but no more of that! I’m back baby! And I’m returning to full form starting with Monday Streaming. There’s some great new stuff on Netflix lately, and for you Netflix users this is something I highly recommend you take into consideration, what I’m recommending that is. So lets begin:


  • “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes SEASON 1” – With the intense craze Joss Whedon’s epic superhero opus, “The Avengers”, is recieving I thought it would be wise to get some Marvel noobs in on the craze, but introducing Marvel Studios first official cartoon series, by that I mean having Marvel completely have creative control of their TV programming. “Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes SEASON 1”  features your favorite Avengers that have already made their live-action appearence, including the likes of Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor. Think it stops there? HELL NO! The show continues to thrive by bringing in just about every Marvel character you could dream about having; Black Panther, Ant-Man, Wasp, Captain Marvel, The Fantastic Four, and more. Villains are every where as the Masters of Evil plan to destroy the Avengers, but of course theres an even greater puppetmaster at play here… 26 Episodes!
  • “Iron Man: Extremis” – With “Iron Man 3″ set to go into production already, fans have speculated it, and now it seems to be confirmed, the the third Iron Man film will be the Extremis storyline, and if you’re not familar with the 6 issue Warren Ellis comic book miniseries, then you should check out this animated miniseries. The story follows a nanotechnology serum called Extremis that transforms humans into deadly super-soldiers.
  • “Transformers” – 80s fans rejoice! Praise the cartoon gods! “Transformers” are back and better than ever. The original cartoon series we’ve come to know and love has FINALLY made it’s way to instant. The classic animated series chronicles the ongoing war between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, with that classic old school 2D animation still intact.


  • “Meek’s Cutoff” – Set in 1845, this drama follows a group of settlers as they embark on a punishing journey along the Oregon Trail. When their guide leads them astray, the expedition is forced to contend with the unforgiving conditions of the high plain desert.
  • “The Omega Man” – Before “I Am Legend”, but after “The Last Man of Earth”, there was “The Omega Man”. In this version it’s Charlton Heston who plays Robert Neville, one of the last “intact” survivors of a biological war that’s ravaged Earth’s population. Armed with an experimental vaccine for the disease that’s turned everyone into light-averse zombies, Neville roams the empty streets of Los Angeles by day and fights off the mutated “subnormals” at night. Based on Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend.


  • “Mouse Hunt” – Two down-on-their-luck brothers (Nathan Lane and Lee Evans) inherit a run-down mansion that turns out to be worth millions. They can sell it and pocket a fortune, but first they have to evict its diminutive tenant: a mouse with no intention of leaving. The film features a great cameo by Christopher Walken as a crazed exterminator, Walken’s exterminator alone is worth the viewing. This is however one of my favorite slapstick comedies ever made.
  • “High Anxiety” – A highly underrated Mel Brooks spoof comedy, about a Psychiatric administrator Dr. Thorndyke finds some bizarre shenanigans occurring at the Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous. But when he’s framed for murder, Dr. Thorndyke must confront his own neurotic demons to clear his name. Harvey Corman & Cloris Leachman co-star as the films antagonists.
  • “Malcolm in the Middle” – How I miss this show, bizarre doesn’t even do the show justice. As if trying to navigate the countless pitfalls of adolescence weren’t enough, wonderboy wiz kid Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) has to grapple with a suburban family that gives new meaning to the word ‘dysfunctional’. Between the nonstop squabbling of his parents (Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek) and merciless persecution by his siblings, it’s all the beleaguered Malcolm can do to maintain his sanity in this hit sitcom.

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