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NEW Blog Announcement!

April 4, 2012

Starting this month, and every two months after, I’ll be reviewing four selected films each week chosen by a reader of the site, as well as another site I’m the lead blogger on, Hudak on Hollywood, it will be known as the Viewer’s Collection. The Viewer’s Collection will be posted on Thursdays. Local South Florida guy, Ricky Coker is the first to be chosen for this little blog experiement the four films he bestowed for me to watch are the following:

  • “Twister” – 4/5
  • “Pushing Tin” – 4/12
  • “Days of Thunder” – 4/19
  • “Crimson Tide” – 4/26

You can tell a lot by a person in the selection of movies they enjoy watching.

If you wanna be that next person selected for Viewer’s Collection, for the month of June, email me your list of four films you want me to watch at with a subject title reading MY COLLECTION and I’ll announce the winner for the month of June on APRIL 26TH!

Until next time, tune in tomorrow for the first article focusing on Ricky’s first selection “Twister”.

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