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MONDAY STREAMING – Douchebag Secret Agent, David Bowie, and Mumblecore

March 26, 2012


Mumblecore is a term used to describe a number of American independent films produced in the early 2000’s characterised by low budget production values and amateur actors.

  • “Tiny Furniture” – When twentysomething-year-old Aura (Lena Dunham) returns home after college to live with her artist mother, she confronts a long list of personal and professional failures that the real world throws at her. Written & directed by Lena Dunham (creator of the upcoming HBO series “Girls”).
  • “Harmony and Me” – After he’s unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend, Harmony (Justin Rice) milks his heartbreak, telling his tale of woe to anyone who will listen, problem is…no one cares. Written and directed by Bob Byington.
  • “The Puffy Chair” – The Duplass Brothers (“Jeff Who Lives At Home”) debut with their first comedy-feature about two brothers going on a road trip to retrieve a replica of their fathers old purple puffy chair for his birthday. Along the way certain relationship elements arrive and are question for everyone. Written & directed by Jay & Mark Duplass.


  • “Archer” (Season 1-2) – Sophisticated spy Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) may have the coolest gadgets, the hottest women sexual arousing him, but he still has issues when it comes to dealing with his boss…his bitchy mother (Jessica Walters). This is a comedy that is a ‘what if’ scenario…what if James Bond was a real douchebag around the office and on the job when we’re not looking?
  • “The Adventures of Tintin” – GREAT SNAKES! The original cartoon series that aired on Nickelodeon (or HBO) in the early 90’s is on Netflix! Quick-witted Belgian reporter Tintin and his trusty pooch Snowy travel the world, tangling with thieves, kidnappers and killers.


  • “The Man Who Fell To Earth” – David Bowie stars in this cult classic as Thomas Jerome Newton, an alien from a dry, dying world who journeys to Earth to save his planet. “The Man Who Fell To Earth” is a beloved 70’s quirky sci-fi that should appeal to those viewers who enjoy the weird…and David Bowie.

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