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MONDAY STREAMING – Michael J. Fox is a Bad Ass!(?), “Ceremony”, and a few Oddparents…

February 13, 2012


  • “The Hard Way” – Screenwriter Lem Dobbs (“The Limey”) saterizes the buddy-cop action films in this 1991 comedy about a Hollywood actor who dreams of earning a serious role in a hard-nosed gritty cop film, decides to shadow a real-life dirty Harry from NYC. Probably the only movie you’ll see where Michael J. Fox is badass. James Woods is a riot and funny as a pissed off hot-tempered cop, and Stephen Lang as the movies bad guy, well lets just that he’s all kinds of Looney tunes in this flick. It’s best to think of this movie as the 90’s “Tropic Thunder”.
  • “The Secret of My Success” – A not so typical Kansas boy  moves to New York City with a dream of taking big business by storm. He lands a job in the mailroom of a big company (run by his uncle), meets a lovely executive, played by Helen Slater (sooooo hot back then), and masquerades as executive boy wonder named Carlton Whitfield. Can Fox’s character keep up the charade, win the girl and run the boardroom? It’s a very typical 80s comedy, but sometimes that’s all we really need.


  • “Ceremony” – Henry Winkler’s young kippa son, Max, makes his writing & directing in this romantic comedy about a naïve twenty-something named Sam (Michael Angarano), who falls head over heels in love with Zoe (Uma Thurman), a beautiful older woman who’s about to marry a pretentious documentary filmmaker (Lee Pace). Refusing to give up hope, Sam drags his best friend (Reece Thompson) to the seaside town where the wedding is set to take place in a last-ditch attempt to head off the nuptials. It’s corky and has that familiar indie touch, it’s certainly a good watch for the indie/hipster crowd out there.


  • “Fairly Oddparents” – Even though this show came out right around the time I kinda stopped watching Nick, I still found time to watch it on TV and I’m quite happy that Butch Hartman’s cult toon is back in full form on Netflix. The first three seasons especially are the best, especially any episode containing the red tight wearing superhero, The Crimson Chin (voiced by Jay Leno)! Notable episode includes the Timmy-Jimmy Power Hour where CG big head wiz kid Jimmy Neutron is transported into Timmy’s world and vice-versa.
  • “Angry Beavers” – Here’s one of the last great cartoons Nickelodeon offered young viewers at the time I was watching. Crowded out of their parents’ home by a new litter, beaver brothers Norbert and Daggett find a new home on a forest lake where they can do what they like, but have to cope with a forest full of other odd life forms. This wacky Nickelodeon cartoon series puts the buck-toothed bros into plenty of strange and uncomfortable situations, like a mission to the sun and encounters with aliens, zombies and demonic pond scum. Lots of great movie references on this show, believe it or not, it was simply one of the best.

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