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MONDAY STREAMING – 13 Samurai’s, Female Robot, & Fred Savage This Week!

January 16, 2012


  • “Metropolis” – Oscar-winning composer Giorgio Moroder’s labor of love restores Fritz Lang’s cult silent sci-fiction classic, by adds aditional songs by some of the biggest names in the 1980s pop scene. Color tinting and sound effects also enhance the film, and the infamous long-lost footage is FINALLY restored in it’s rightful place. There have been many versions of Lang’s “Metropolis” re-released time and time again, this version if probably the most gratifying.


  • “13 Assassins” – To stop a tyrant from murdering and exploiting innocent civilians, 13 samurai warriors unite and prepare to end his life in a visious/bloody means to an end. Firstly, the 13 must must face with an army of deadly bodyguards who outnumber them by a wide margin. Directed by acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, this action-packed samurai remake features some incredible performances, beautiful cinematography, and enough samuri violence that will please even Kurosawa fans.
  • “Point Blank” – Samuel, a male nurse working at a hospital when his pregnant wife is kidnapped before his very eyes. Knocked unconscious, he comes to and discovers that a dangerous criminal named Sartet is responsible, and if he’s ever to see his wife again, he must do Sartet’s bidding. This is a mind bending off the wall action film that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It’s a movie that was released last year and I’m extremely disappointed I left it out on my two Lucky 13 lists of 2011.


  • The Wonder Years – I’m on a Fred Savage high for some reason. I’ve just rediscovered that the entire series of “The Wonder Years” has made it’s way onto Netflix. This was one of the pinnacle childhood shows I watched when I was a wee lad. Kevin and the entire Arnold clan are all present, along with Paul, Winnie, and many more! Relive your wonder years by revisiting such a class show. I think it’s just me, but I’d love to have Daniel Stern narrate my life.
  • “Little Monsters” – My Fred Savage mania continues with this goofy kids movie about a boy and his monster causing chaos and pure hilarity.  The ghoulies that live under Brian’s bed are not so bad after all. In particular, he hits if off with Maurice (Howie Mandel), a friendly but ditzy monster that takes Brian under his wing. Soon, Brian is learning all of the monster secrets and the lesson that the greatest fear is fear itself. Brian & Maurice mix in a few pranks against both humans and monsters. Althought the movie may get too cheaky at times and sometimes flat-out dumb, for what it is it’s an 80’s kids film.

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