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“The Dark Knight Rises” – Prologue Review (POSITIVE) [SPOILERS!!!]

December 14, 2011

UN…BE…LIEVE…ABLE!!! WOW. I was stunned after the most mind bending seven minutes of 2011. As you’ve heard, “The Dark Knight Rises” prologue screened early tonight for true fans (thank you very much), and it was truly an event that no one should have missed. Sure it was only seven minutes, yes, I had to drive 40 mins to get down to the IMAX theater, yes, I had to pay for parker, and yes, I locked my keys in my car—ok now I’m going off topic.


So the prologue simply repeated what “The Dark Knight” did back in 2007 when it was attached to “I Am Legend”, it introduced the villain of the movie. Bane (Tom Hardy) is played out as a mercenary, one that the CIA even fears. The prologue has this Dr. Pavel (Alon Aboutboul) guy being transported on a CIA plane, with three hooded handcuffed assailants. Some agent is getting fed up with all of them, wanting to know the identity of Bane. Bane finally shows himself. Wearing that odd mask we’ve come to be familiar with from the set pics of this past summer. His presence is indeed intimidating; the voice is scary, but hard to understand. Bane and his cronies hijack the plane in the most extraordinary way.

The prologue ends with random clips; Batman with some kind of LED gun, Catwoman in her suit & an orange jumpsuit, JGL as John Blake, Bane fighting Batman, Gotham in chaos, mobs in the street (“Warriors”-style), and finally Bane walking away with a broken Bat cowl.

The cinematography is truly the star of these seven minutes of heaven. How Oscar winner Wally Pfister achieved these impressive shots is beyond me, he and Nolan both share the love of practical over CGI, and it shows. This was my first time seeing true 70mm IMAX film in like, 10 years, and it’s the best quality you’ll ever get on this planet for high quality picture. The style of this plane hijacking rings back to “Inception” style cinematography, not turning hallways shit, but in the same vein of a discombobulated scenario such as that.

Elephant in the room, how was Tom Hardy as Bane? Well his presence is strong, he’s intimidating to look at, and he packs a mean punch. But, it’s just that damn voice; I understood maybe every four lines he said. From what I’ve heard though, I do like his accent. Nolan stated in an interview that what we heard would NOT be the final sound mix; he’s yet to edit the movie as whole anyways, so we can chill till July.

So, was this prologue better than the Joker one from ’07? Well it certainly is different and they’re both unique in their own respects. I enjoyed this one more, mainly because the cinematography was truly epic and took my breath a way. I can very well see this being an event film for the ages. One question remains: Will Bane break the Bat?


“The Dark Knight Rises” hits theaters & IMAX nationwide on July 20th, 2012

Special thanks to Vinny Chimato for his input & attending the screening

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  1. December 14, 2011 2:24 am

    Sweet I am stoked about this one!

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