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“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” – Early Review (POSITIVE)

December 14, 2011

Light the fuse, ‘cause Ethan Hunt is on another impossible mission this Christmas! Oscar winning filmmaker, Brad Bird, makes his live action debut with Tom Cruise & J.J. Abrams in the fourth entry of the “Mission: Impossible” series. Along with a few familiar faces, a few new ones including one who could very well be taking over the franchise as the new ‘team leader’. While the plot is beyond ridiculous, the action has never been cooler, and great characters along the way hold this movie up on it’s own two feet.

After being framed for blowing up the Kremlin (yes, THE Kremlin), IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his teammates (Simon Pegg & Paula Patton) have been brand as terrorist, leading to what could be the verge of full scale war between Russia & the U.S. It hasn’t been this heated between the two countries since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hunt and his team learn that a man of certain interest has a device that could launch Nuclear weapons anywhere. Their mission, if they choose to accept, is to…well stop the bad guy of course! An analyst named Brandt (Jeremy Renner) gets mixed up with Hunt, joining the mission, but there’s more to Brandt than Hunt could have ever guessed.

So, the movie takes an interesting direction, by including Russia/Nuclear War/Cold War-like stuff in a modern world. It’s bold; I never would’ve guessed we could still do that. The movies plot is silly, much sillier than any of the other past films, yeah I’m looking at you “Mission: Impossible 2”, but I think it works. Brad Bird has seemed to recapture that Cold War magic that made the original 60’s series so beloved. The insane chases, trying to stop a nuclear missile from reaching it’s target, crummy Russian baddies, sexy female assassins, and globe trotting mission after mission.

Hunt says in the movie that much of the missions didn’t go right, but what did go right was the team he had, much of that can be said for the casting of this movie. Simon Pegg is hilarious, Paula Patton is smokin’, Cruise still has it, and Renner’s addition to the movie, well lets just say this, there’s a particular sequence his character does that is a clear passing of the torch, if you will, that indicates he can take the series on his own. Renner was one of the best characters in the movie, everyone had top notch chemistry between one another, and for me that made the movie all the more enjoyable.

I was lucky to see this on digital IMAX, and I must say, even if it’s not ‘real’ IMAX, the IMAX sequences are still grand and epic as they could ever be. People in the audience will surly be loosing their shit at the part where Ethan is literally on the side of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It’s all photographed for real! People with vertigo, heed my warning, that scene could get a little messy for you.

With all that 2011 has thrown at us, action wise, it’s good to see a movie that maintains the old school method, but still keeping us enthralled with newer things that suddenly come out of nowhere. “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol” is a great send off for this year, and a real treat for the Holidays.



If you want to see “The Dark Knight Rises” prologue, it’s only attached to “Ghost Protocol” in 70mm IMAX, NOT  IMAX Digital!

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  1. December 15, 2011 7:47 pm

    Awesome review, hopefully I will be seeing this Saturday!

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