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MOVIE PHONE CALL (Podcast/YouTube Show)

November 27, 2011

I’m starting a podcast series called MOVIE PHONE CALL, where I record my discussions about new movies and everything about movies via iPhone. My pilot episode is up on the shows YouTube page, until I find a way to make my next wave to itunes. So, for the time being you can find my upcoming episodes there. I’d like to present my first episode, the topic is Alexander Payne’s new dramedy, which is already heating up with Oscar buzz, and that is “The Descendants”, starring George Clooney. On this show I discuss Payne’s style as a director, Clooney becoming a more mature actor thanks to this movie, and a comparison of this film to Payne’s previous movies; “About Schmidt” & “Sideways”.

Enjoy the show and please subscribe to the YouTube page!

If you feel like listening to the entire 20 minute show in it’s full form, on your iPod, iPad, iPhone, or iWhatever, you can download the mp3 version here.

Part 1

Part 2

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