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“Like Crazy” – Review (POSITIVE)

November 5, 2011

You know how the story goes, boy meets girl (girl makes the first move), boy & girl fall in love, something comes between their love, they some how over some obstacle after obstacle (spoiler alert). “Like Crazy” is you standard run of the mill romantic drama, that plays like an indie Drama soap opera. The story may not be original enough, nor does it have an unexpected ending, but the strong performances, beautiful camera work, and playful editing, makes this a good watch.

British college student, Anna (Felicity Jones), falls for her American classmate Jacob (Anton Yelchin). The two young lovers embark on a fervent journey of true young love, soon after they’re to be separated when Anna violates the terms of her student visa, she’s sent back to the UK. The film discovers how a couple faces the real challenges of being together and ultimately being world’s apart.

The story may not be so original, but I have to give credit to director & co-writer, Drake Doremus, that the purpose of the movie is more of a character study about these two young people. What they feel when they’re together, how they feel when they’re apart. The film utilizes realistic occurrences that anyone would be going through in a relationship that’s long distance; texting, phone call tag, these sort of things. To me, I felt more connective to these characters, because everything that’s happening to them is presented to us in a realistic manner. Doremus wasn’t trying to bullshit the audience. The use of the special chair, the love book, & Anna’s bracelet play key roles that drive the story of these two characters.

The acting in the film was strong, lead by two incredible young actors. I don’t see how Felicity Jones won’t earn an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, she was incredibly good; soulful, beautiful, and sad. Anton Yelchin plays awkward quite well, so this wasn’t a stretch for him, but he plays a torn, shallow of a man pretty good. Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence has a supporting role in the film, she’s not in it for long, and to be fair her role was somewhat forgettable.

The one thing I was really hoping for out of a movie like this was a twist ending. Perhaps there’s a shadow of something that might break them apart. There were a few subtle hints I noticed, I don’t want to give anything away, but you’ll understand what I mean during the last 20 mins. A part of me wanted Anna to die. I know that sounds cruel, but when she’s on the plane it would’ve been a POWERFUL & gutsy move had the plane crashed, but the filmmakers didn’t have the nerve to do so.

“Like Crazy” may not appeal for some crowds, but for the younger demographic (17-30) I can see this movie earning a cult following much like “Garden State”, only that movie was 10 times better because it was…funny.


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