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Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good! The Return of the Real “Ghostbusters”

November 1, 2011

Who ya gonna call? That’s right, this past month Columbia Pictures re-released the comedy/horror classic “Ghostbusters” back into theaters for a limited engagement. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see it for the first time on the big screen. As a DIE HARD Ghostbusters fan, I can easily say that I could die a happy man. The experience was everything I wanted it to be, and more.

The beautiful 2K resolution of the film was incredible, the 5.1 surround sound treatment gives you chills, and the film itself, as a whole, remains to be one of the best comedies around.

This is some smart marketing by Columbia, with the talks of a third outing in the franchise already in the works, reintroducing the film to a new generation is just what the studio needs to electrify new life into the “Ghostbusters” lore.

The screening I attended on October 20th was jammed packed with so many fans, new & old. There were a lot of little kids at this screening. It was an obligation for parents to introduce something they saw at that age to their children. It brings a smile to my face when I over hear in the background of the theater a child asking their parent, ‘Daddy, is he really made of Marshmallows?’

The release of “Ghostbusters” was extended this past weekend all the way to Halloween night. I had the opportunity to see it one last time on the silver screen. There was a little girl at the screening, couldn’t be no more than 5 years old, she was still dressed in her Halloween costume w/ here trick ‘r’ treat bag in hand, she & her parents must’ve have just returned from trick ‘r’ treating. I was wearing my legit Ghostbuster jacket (pictured above), after the screening the little girl ran up to me in the hallway asking me if I were a real Ghostbuster. Nothing on heaven or Earth could’ve made me feel the happiness & joy I had felt when I child asked me if I was one of the heroes I looked up to at that age.

I need to give props to Columbia; they did an incredible thing this month, releasing not only a classic 80’s comedy, but a movie that connects the young & the old to familiar & new heights. As a Ghostbuster fan I can only say this, PLEASE BILL MURRAY DO “GHOSTBUSTERS 3”!!!!

GRADE (In case you were all wondering): A++++++++++++++++++

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