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13 Days of Halloween: Aaron’s Favorite Horror Films [DAY 10]

October 27, 2011


THE WOLF-MAN (1941) – As a child I was brought up to have a strong devotion to the classic Universal Monster Movies (thanks Mom); “Dracula”, “Frankenstein”, “The Invisible Man”, “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, all of them! But, my all time favorite was George Waggner’s “The Wolf-Man”. Written by German born Curtis Siodmak, the film came from the inspirations of the eerie legends from the European lands he once came. Bringing those folklores to the American studios would change the face of the horror genre. Lon Chaney Jr’s portrayal of a complicated man, with deep emotional issues with his father, all while battling a beast within him, is some powerful stuff for a horror film. For some it may not hold up for todays world, but I find that every year I watch this movie it ages better & better, like a fine wine. The 2010 remake was entertaining, but it will never outbeat the classic Lon Chaney Jr motion picture.

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