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13 Days of Halloween: Aaron’s Favorite Horror Films [DAY 9]

October 26, 2011


THE EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987) – So we’ve made it to my top 5, these I consider to be the quint-essential in my horror movie watch arsenal for the month of October, and for Halloween night. Again, Sam Raimi is on my list for a third time, with his cult hit sequel to the first mega cult hit “The Evil Dead” in “The Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn”. This was the movie that proved to us all that Bruce Campbell is a boneified bad ass, with his quick percession in his trusty sawed off shotgun, and his trusty chainsaw hand, Ash is a character you’d want to have around when something evil comes. Plenty of gore, scares, and a nice touch of  old school humor, “Evil Dead 2”  is everything you’d want in a good old fashion B-Movie, and then some. The scene I want to share is my favorite of the whole movie (and perhaps for many fans as well). It proves how insane things can really get, how one person who’s been beaten down so much can almost be driven to the point of pure insanity…

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