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13 Days of Halloween: Aaron’s Favorite Horror Films [DAY 1]

October 18, 2011

It’s October 18th! 13 days away until Halloween! I thought I’d spend these next 13 days by sharing my favorite horror films, leading up to my number one pic come Halloween day. Don’t be afraid to leave comments below regarding what your favorite Horror film is to watching during Halloween. So, lets get started!


TRICK ‘R’ TREAT (2009) – Written & Directed by Michael Dougherty, this pulp fiction fueled horror fest is definitely a treat for many to watch on all Hallows Eve. The carelessness of the studio that is Warner brothers, didn’t treat this movie with the respect it desereved, the film only got a direct to dvd release, which in many ways can be a danger for a movie. But this was the rare occassion where that wasn’t the case. Originally, this film was intended to have a theatrical release, the studio however didn’t know how to market it (I call bull shit). Nevertheless, this is a Halloween film that can match up to the calibar of a Halloween-themed movie such as “John Carpenter’s Halloween”. It has all the right ingredients; it’s funny, scary, & memorable.

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