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After 22 years, Baby Oscar, from “Ghostbusters 2”, speaks!

September 24, 2011

The “Ghostbusters” series have had a major cultural impact on pop culture. The music, the VFX, and its classic characters, not just the boys in grey, but the supporting crew too. With the pain-staking talk of a 3rd installment over the years, there have been recent plot points surfacing regarding the script. Will Peter Venkman end up dead? A new/younger team will be headlining? Will Oscar dawn the jump suit & proton pack?

In the 1989 sequel, the story revolved around a river of slime, a creepy Carpathian, and the baby of Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver), Oscar, who’s the key for bringing Viggo back into our world so he can rule once again.  Twin brothers Hank & Will Deutschendorf played baby Oscar. Like many baby actors, when the production calls for it, they use twins to balance out the hours of production for the child on set. After filming it’s rare that the baby actors would be seen on screen again. Will & Hank’s only IMDb credit is“Ghostbusters II”.

Today, the 23-year-old twin brothers reside in San Diego, as they teach martial arts at the West Coast Martial Arts Academy. In light of the rumors of the third movie, I jokingly spoke to Hank, telling him he needs to gear up for “Ghostbusters III”, Oscar is supposed to join the ghostbusting team. He modestly replied, “I doubt I could act anyway, though. I wouldn’t want to muck up a movie just ’cause of some stiff acting. Whoever will play Oscar will play him far better then I ever could.” I asked him if a cameo would be fair, if the opportunity called for it, Hank responded, “A cameo would totally be fair! I think that’d be awesome”.

Show your support for the West Coast Martial Arts Academy, by liking their Facebook page here. You can learn more about the Academy and the work Will & Hank are performing today.

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