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My 30 Day Movie Challenge Part II: Days 31-60

September 8, 2011

In mid-July I participated in a Facebook challenge, the 30 Day Movie Challenge, and funny enough they announced a part II of that challenge. Here are my selections for the second part of the 30 Day Movie Challenge:

Day 31: A movie by your favorite director – “FOLLOWING” – Christopher Nolan has become my new favorite director. He does big movies, but maintains the art house indie feel. His movies are event films, you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for another Nolan film. I have to give this pick to “Following”, what an intense psychological mind game of a movie.



Day 32: Movie with the best scene – “DOUBLE TEAM” – Terrible movie, but…frying the coke! FRYING THE COKE!!!! BEST DEATH SCENE EVAH!!!




Day 33: Movie you’ve seen the most times – “GHOSTBUSTERS” – We should all know the answer to this one for me.



Day 34: Film with the best movie monster – “THE WOLF-MAN” (1941) – The best movie monster in my oppinion, sure the 2010 version was scary/gory, but nothing beats the classic Lon Chaney Jr. Werewolf. That was the ideal monster performance.




Day 35: Favorite movie trilogy – “BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY” – Until “The Dark Knight Rises” comes out, I’ll have to hold out on the the Nolan-Batman trilogy, but without even thinking I’d select the “Back to the Future” trilogy. I’m a BIG time traveling fan & these movies are the ticket to that fandom. The third is probably the best.



Day 36: A movie you think not enough people have seen – “SIN NOMBRE” – Interesting story, I had I told my grandparents about this film. They;ve never heard of it nor did they care to see it. They seem to think anything I like is gonna be some sci-fi or a movie that doesn’t make sense. I’m sure some film buds of mine have seen this, but for the non-film lover, this movie is a “what?” to them.




Day 37: Favorite Western – “TRUE GRIT” (2010) – The Coen brothers “True Grit”! I could watch this movie over and over. It’s the superior film to the Charles Portis novel. Sure, I love me a good Sergio Leone film, but this knocked me out of the park. Plus, it’s freaking DUDE as Cogburn!




Day 38: Favorite Comic Book Adaptation – “BATMAN BEGINS” – A Batman movie fans deserved for over two decades, and we finally got it, thanks to brillant filmmaker Chris Nolan. And then we get the ‘Wrath of Khan’-style sequel, “The Dark Knight”. But, I have to give props to the first one, it’s the near perfect orgin tale.




Day 39: Favorite Movie Remake – “JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING” – My #1 favorite remake. It holds up today in the horror aspect as well as it’s grotesque visuals. I still have a hard time watching this movie at night, it’s become my Halloween viewing ritual.



Day 40: A movie you wanted remade – “LEGEND” – “Legend” would be an ideal canidate to be remade. Although it’s an enjoyable cult classic, it lacked certain things in it’s storytelling structure. With all the news of Ridley Scott returning to the world of “Alien” & just recently “Blade Runner”, this seems like the logical next step for him.




Day 41: Movie you’ll NEVER see again – “DECK THE HALLS” – God DAMN this movie to hell! This is a movie if the term cliche had a black sheep step-brother.



Day 42: Leas favorite film from your favorite director – “INSOMNIA” (2002) – My favorite director is Christopher Nolan, all his films are terrific, I guess the one I would ‘dislike’ would have to be “Insomnia”. It’s a U.S. remake of a Swedish film. I’m not too keen on Foreign/US remakes, but I still loved this version too.



Day 43: Favorite Sci-Fi – “BLADE RUNNER” – Ridley Scotts masterpiece of a dystopian future gives me chills everytime I watch it. It’s a classic noir detective film, set in a dirty/gritty LA of 2019. Plus, it always leaves that question for every viewer that watches it, ‘Was Deckard a replicant?’ I say yes. And yes, the Final Cut is the superior film.




Day 44: Favorite movie from your country – “FARGO” – Well I’m from America (F*ck yea!) so, it would have to be…“Fargo”. You’ll thought I would say “Ghostbusters”, well I’m gonna take a breather from that. I freakin LOVE “Fargo”. The Coen brothers are legendary!



Day 45: Favorite movie from your favorite director from your country – “SAVING PRIVATE RYAN” – Well Steven Spielberg is my favorite American director since I was a little kid, so I’d have to say my favorite from him would have to be “Saving Private Ryan”, it’s the best World War II film of this generation.



Day 46: Most overrated actress – Angelina Jolie, “MR. & MRS. SMITH” – Angelina Jolie, god oh mighty, I just cannot stand her, she’s the living breathing embodiment of overrated.




Day 47: Most overrated film – “AVATAR” – Sure it had historical technological achievements, but c’mon! The story is sooooo freakin’ cliche, and the movie itself is waaaay to predictable, with not the best acting to go with it.



Day 48: A movie you walked out of the theatre from – “TWILIGHT” – I was under the impression that I was seeing a VAMPIRE MOVIE. I walked out 30 mins into the picture.



Day 49: Favorite black & white film – “ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN” – Love love love LOVE that movie. I love that comedic duo that is Abbott & Costello, plus I’m a huge Universal monster fan.




Day 50: A movie you know most quotes from – “GHOSTBUSTERS” – C’mon people, it’s me.



Day 51: A movie with an ending you didn’t see coming  – “THE USUAL SUSPECTS” – My mom said, ‘Watch this movie’, I was like, sure ok. I jumped out of my seat during the last 3 mins of the film. I was like, ‘Nooooo WAY!’



Day 52: A film you thought would’ve been better with a different actor – “THE GREEN HORNET” – Although it was entertaining, I strongely disagree on the casting choice of Seth Rogen, he’s no Van Williams.



Day 53: A movie in theaters now you wanna see – “GRIFF THE INVISIBLE” – Looks mighty interesting, sure it looks like it’s copying a few moves from “Super” & “Kick-Ass”, but the Australian’s seem to know their humor. Also it seems like this movie is like “(500) Days of Summer” meets “Super”.



Day 54: Favorite psychological thriller – “MEMENTO” – Hands down the BEST psychological thriller! You can watch it over and over, and rediscover something new each time.



Day 55: Best movie the same year I was born – “WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBITT?” (1988) – According to my mom, she said she saw this movie days before I was born. No wonder I have a special connection to this movie. No matter how many times I watch it, never gets boring.




Day 56: Least favorite horror movie – “A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET” (2010) – Words cannot describe how much I HATED/DESPISED this Michael Bay enduced/produced remake of the Wes Craven classic.



Day 57: Most weird/confusing movie you ever saw – “MULHOLLAND DRIVE” – One crazy movie! I’ve seen this maybe 3 times and I still can’t grasp what David Lynch wanted us to see.



Day 58: A movie you think should’ve won an Oscar – “MOON” – Seriously, I’m stunned that Duncan Jones’ “Moon” didn’t recieve one Oscar nomination! Sam Rockwell at least desereved a nomination for his amazing performance! C’mon Academy!



Day 59: Least favorite movie scene – The Bat-Credit Card, “BATMAN & ROBIN” – The Nostalgia Critic said it best, enough said.




Day 60: Favorite Movie Scene – Courtroom Bust, “GHOSTBUSTERS II” – Even though I LOVE the first “Ghostbusters”, the court room scene from the sequel holds a special place in my heart. ITS THE SCALERI BROTHERS!!!!!





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