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My 30 Day Movie Challenge

August 9, 2011

On July 10th, I partook in a little Facebook challenge, each day I would state the movie challenge question of that day. Here’s my response from that very challenge:

Day 1: Favorite film – “GHOSTBUSTERS” Ever since I was a little kid it was always “Ghostbusters” that made me want to learn more about movies. How they’re done, how they’re made, how special effects work, etc. Plus, I’ve always dreamed of owning a proton pack.

Day 2: Least favorite film – “BATMAN & ROBIN”  – A bat-credit card?!?!?!?!?!

Day 3: Favorite comedy – “BLAZING SADDLES”  Mel Brooks is the master of satire/spoofs, and his take on Westerns with racial issues was the best film of his entire career. It broke boundaries, made people feel uncomfortable, but laughed their asses off at the sametime.

Day 4: Favorite drama – “DOUBLE INDEMNITY” – The greatest film-noir ever could only be made by Billy Wilder.

Day 5: Favorite action – “THE DARK KNIGHT”  Christopher Nolan really broke the sterotype of the typical superhero movie with “Batman Begins”, but he took it even farther in this modern day classic crime epic, that matches up to movies in the similar genre as “Heat” or “The Departed”.

Day 6: Favorite horror – “THE EVIL DEAD” – Sam Raimi & Bruce “Mother Fuckin’ Ash” Campbell! ‘nough said!

Day 7: Favorite animated feature – “ALADDIN” – Fun, fantasitc, and all together enjoyable. Memorable tunes and classic Robin Williams makes this my number favorite cartoon from my childhood and still holds up to this very day.

Day 8: Favorite thriller – “MEMENTO” – Christopher Nolan is my favorite director, his movies feature similar themes, but each are done so differently. Based on his brothers short story, this was definitely the first movie that made me realize his collaberation with his brother, Jonathan, must never be broken.

Day 9: Favorite musical – “THIS IS SPINAL TAP”  The greatest rock-mockumentary ever, it hiliarity goes all the way to 11!

Day 10: Favorite foreign film – “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN” – A powerful coming of age story, revolving around young love, family problems, and of course vampires.

Day 11: Favorite kid’s movie –“THE RESCUER’S DOWN UNDER” – Could watch this over and over. It’s one of Disney’s better animated sequels that didn’t go straight to video. Plus, you gotta love John Candy.

Day 12: Favorite love story – “(500) DAYS OF SUMMER” – Finally we get a romantic (indie) comedy told from the guys perspective.

Day 13: Favorite chick flick – “EASY A” – I LOVE EMMA STONE!

Day 14: Favorite documentary – “THE KING OF KONG: A FIST FULL OF QUARTERS” – A documentary that is interesting, but also down right funny & entertaining.

Day 15: Favorite play adaptation – “GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS”  Some of the best acting from the best actors is from this movie. It’s most definitely an actors movie. Strong themes about corperate gain, who will get far in life, and what the consequnces of our actions will lead to.

Day 16: Favorite book adaptation – “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN”  The Coen Brothers can’t do no wrong. Javier Bardem’s performance is one of the scariest villain roles I’ve ever seen.

Day 17: Least favorite book adaptation – “THE CRUCIBLE” – Lazily written and poorly acted, even for Daniel Day Lewis. Doesn’t do much justice to the original Arthur Miller play.

Day 18: Film that is your guilty pleasure – “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2: SECRET OF THE OOZE” – Go Ninja Go Ninja GO GO!

Day 19: Film that made you cry the hardest – “SCHINDLER’S LIST” – Steven Spielberg as seemed to have a lot of his films set in WWII, so he was bound to discuss a topic of that point in history that was the hardest to tell. This incredible true story has some of the best acting ever, and cinematography that resembles a beautful canvas come to life.

Day 20: Movie with your favorite actress – EMMA STONE, “ZOMBIELAND” – I LOVE EMMA STONE!!!!! And being a funny, hot, badass, killing zombies is my kind of movie.

Day 21: Movie with your favorite actor – BILL MURRAY, “STRIPES” – When I was younger I always thought this was a prequel to “Ghostbusters”, understandble I guess, it’s directed by Ivan Reitman and stars Murray & Harold Ramis. But that’s beside the point, next to the role of Venkman, this is one of his best 80’s comedy roles ever.

Day 22: Movie you wish you could live in – “GHOSTBUSTERS” – I want to go ghostbusting! I want a proton pack! I want a trap! I want Slimer!

Day 23: Movie that inspires you – “THE EVIL DEAD” – A bunch of college friends ban together to make a horror film on a shoe-string budget and have created one of the best cult classic horror films ever.

Day 24: Movie with your favorite soundtrack – “RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK” – John Williams theme of Indy is legendary!

Day 25: Movie with the most beautiful scenery – “LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS” – I absoultely love the cinematography in this film. How New Zealand was utilized for this entire trilogy is breathtaking.

Day 26: Movie you’re most embarrassed to say you like – “ERNEST GOES TO JAIL” – C’mon Jim Varney is memorable and comes off as a national treasure, but not really. Still you have to give him credit for sticking with the character of Ernest P. Worrell for 9 movies. “Ernest Goes to Jail” is one of the better films, but everytime I mention that I like any Ernest movie, I always get the cold shrugg or being laughed at.

Day 27: Movie with your favorite villain – THE JOKER, “THE DARK KNIGHT” – The Joker from “The Dark Knight” has to be one of the most well concieved villains I’ve ever seen on the screen. His determination of chaos is so provocative, he has no remorse, and no other human emotion. His mission in life is to turn people on one another until the world crumbles.

Day 28: Movie with your favorite hero – PETER VENKMAN, “GHOSTBUSTERS” – Pete Venkman all the way! What a playa’!

Day 29: First movie you ever remember watching – “CADDYSHACK” – Believe it or not, my earliest memory dates back to when I was 2 and a half. I’m surprised I can remember that far back. I remember my second birthday with my folks and all my dads buddies. Any who the first movie I remember was this very film around that time.

Day 30: Last movie you watched – “DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS” – It’s an amusing farce. I love Steve Carell & Paul Rudd. If there was an Oscar for the best idiotic role, it goes to Carell. He plays an idiot soooooooo well in this movie, it’s magic!


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