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“The Change-Up” – Early Review (SO-SO POSITIVE)

August 3, 2011

I have to say this outloud (sorry Adam), JASON BATEMAN EATS BABY SHIT! Ok, that felt good to say. Now on with the review. I seriously haven’t laughed this hard with a comedy in a long long time. This summer has been chalk full some pretty decent comedies, “Horrible Bosses”, “Midnight in Paris”, & “The Hangover, Part II” (not original, but entertaining none the less). But, there seems to be one comedy that will leave the house in piss-stain tears and stomach full of laughs, “The Change-Up”. The writers of “The Hangover” have taken yet another story that’s ‘been there done that territory’ and some how made it seem fresh & all together hilarious. But, the real magic comes from the pairing of Jason Bateman & Ryan Reynolds.

Mitch (Reynolds) is a ladies man, slacker, who smokes pot, and masterbates all day. Dave (Bateman) is a hard working lawyer, trying to make partner, while trying make time with his family of four. Mitch & Dave have been best friends all their lives, but have been distant for the past few years. After a drunken reuion, they share the things they’re envious about one another, while pissing in a fountain, in the middle of the park, while peeing, the both say at the same time, “I wish I had your life”. And as you could’ve guessed from the previews, they switch bodies.

The body switching comedy is taken to a whole new level, now thanks to the popular demand of R-Rated comedies, and with the director of “Wedding Crashers” & the writers of “The Hangover”, how could you say no to this movie? While the ending is predictable, the movie has some pretty good qualities.

The movie opens with major shock value which will leave the audiences in a state of horror and disgust, but they can’t help but laugh. However, you think this will be the only gross-out sequence, that ain’t the half of it, and the movie will tend to fall into that pitfall much like “The Hangover, Part II” did this year. However, that’s not what made the movie funny. The chemistry between Reynolds & Bateman and the performances they gave were impeccable and truely made the movie memorable.

Issues I had, the female nudity. I’ll probably get dogged for this, but when you see the nudity you’ll know what I mean, everything looked…plastic? Is that the right word? Not real…in laymans terms. The gross out gags went a little too far, and the movie might have over stayed it’s welcome. For some reason, lots of R-Rated films fall into the overlonged trap. Why?

Reynolds & Bateman leave us with some memorable one-liners and some cheeky-ness here & there. The plot is familiar, yes, but like “The Hangover” it goes for unexpected turns which makes it refreshing. Good for the film! Keep in mind, this is probably one of the most hard R-rated comedies I’ve seen in a while, and it’s not for the faint of heart. So be warned, but if you can get pass all that, you’ll have a great time and if you’re a Ryan Reynolds and/or Jason Bateman fan you’ll love the movie, which I am and I did.


Special Thanks to Kristina Lauri, Talia Pollard, & Julie Klein (for expressing their lady-boner love for Bateman & Reynolds)

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