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Will I Smurf-ive this Smurfing Smurfmare???

July 28, 2011

Tonight, I’ll be heading off to the advanced screening for the pointless and unneeded movie that is “The Smufs”. Seriously Sony? You’re going to make a “Smurfs” movie? It’s bad enough that you decided to reboot “Spider-Man”, but now you’re so money hungry you’re going to make a live action version of a cartoon that people didn’t watch, or were embarassed to say they did watch. Well La-La-La-La to you too!

My review will be up tonight, I’m sure you can all guess what I’ll be saying in my review…lots of smurf-words! Get it? Like curse-words, but with ‘smurf’.

Anyway, it’s just one night of a mind numbing kids movie, at least it’s not in 3D–AHHH DAMNIT!!!!!

Next week I’ll be attending screenings for “The Change-Up”, “30 Minutes or Less”, and “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, so at least I got that to make up for what’s to come.

Please, if you see “The Smurfs”, leave a comment below and tell me what you thought.

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